Recipes for Your Pets

Have you ever cooked a meal or special treat for your pet instead of opening up a can or bag? No?Why not? There are all sorts of nutritional foods and treats that you can cook for your pet. Sometimes they are even more economical and more fun to prepare than cooking for humans. So put on an apron, grab your pots and pans, and try some of these recipes. If you would like to share a favorite pet recipe with us, please click on the button below. We would be very grateful!

Pudding for Parrots Milk Bone Dog Biscuits Fish Pudding--Cats
Pasta & Cheese--Birds Liver Snaps--Dogs Fish Biscuits-- Cats
Oatmeal Raisins--Birds Peanut Cookies Dogs Chicken Treats--Cats
Mama's Bird Bread 1 Liver Brownies--Dogs Chicken Biscuits--Cats
Mama's Bird Bread 2 Mint Biscuits--Dogs Cookies for Cats
French Toast--Birds Bacon Biscuits--Dogs Fish & Rice--Cats
Fruit Sorbet--Birds Carrot Muffins-Dogs Salmon Delight-Cats
Beans & Rice--Birds Meatballs-Dogs Turkey Balls-Cats
Sweet Pototo Cakes Frozen Yogurt-Dogs Cheese Snacks-Cats
Pizza for Birds Veggie Bites-Dogs Chicken Pasta-Cats
Birthday Cake-Birds Barbecue Biscuits-Dogs Fish N Chips-Cats
Banana Bread--Birds Pizza-Dogs String Cheese-Cats
Potato Balls--Birds Spinach Omeletes-Dogs Fish Stew-Cats
Apple Muffins--Birds Sweet Biscuits-Dogs Fishermen's Plate-Cats
Veggie Pancakes-Birds Holiday Cookies-Dogs Seafood Dinner-Cats
Recipes for Wild Birds Beef Stew-Dogs Liver and Barley-Cats

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