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Sunshine and Candy belong to Jessica and Sarah. The girls had this to say about their birds. "Sunshine likes getting his head rubbed and if you stop rubbing his head he will bite your ear. He likes to sit on your shoulder along with Candy, and if someone else is holding Candy he will fly to that person. Sunshine really likes to sit on my 2 year old sisters head. I think he thinks it is a nest! Candy Knows how to dance. She moves her head up and down and will  dance when music is on. Sunshine and Candy love to play together. We love our birds and they love us back!"

This  is Dean and he belongs to Lilly. Lilly said, "I have so much love for him! I can't wait to see him in the morning when I wake up. We eat breakfast together, watch TV together, play, talk, sing, everything. He is a bit sensitive to fast movement so I open doors slowly and move around him slowly. Other than that, he is a very good boy. He loves scratches and he will give me kisses. He seems to have bonded tightly with me and he doesn't like me leaving the room. If I walk around the corner he will whistle and actually jump off of his chair (he has a favorite chair) and come looking for me. He seems to have a difference of opinion with the TV remote control. Dean doesn't like it at all. He will hiss and carry on something awful when it's near him. This little bird brings me such joy. Hopefully this is the beginning of many years together!"

Sampson & Delilah own Erica's heart. Sampson is a lutino and Delilah is a cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel. They are her breeders. Erica said, "Delilah was introduced to Sampson and within a month they were in love! Sampson is more friendly and likes to play with my jewelry. He talks too and says "Pretty bird" and "Big bird". He says "Big bird" when he hears an outside bird. Delilah shows no interest in talking. She prefers to spend her time watching the TV. When I'm away or busy cleaning the house I leave the TV on for them. Their favorite channel is Animal Planet! Both birds are very hardy eaters, eating fresh foods and pellets. They get millet as a treat once a week. They love baby food and believe it or not TOFU! Samson and Delilah will both give "Kisses". There's just something about a bird giving kisses that melts my heart!"

This 5 month old Normal Gray is Toby. Michael said, "Toby is my baby! He is very vocal and sings the Andy Griffith theme, Dixie and Pop Goes the Weasel. He also does the wolf whistle very well especially when I enter the room. He loves having his head scritched. If I don't do it enough he will move right underneath my chin until I do. He always grinds his beak when he's on my shoulder so I know he's content. He is sooooo sweet and is a very important part of my life. Toby does not like to try new things like veggies, but he loves popcorn, pretzels, spaghetti, and crackers. He even drank some milk out of my cereal one time. I must say that this lil' guy of mine is so full of character that there is never a dull day in this house."

This is Amy's little angel Pee Dee. She found him in the snow in March 2003. He was walking through a gas station when she scooped him up and took him home. Amy said, " At first we thought he was a she because he was young and mostly gray in color. But after his first molt he became more yellow and vibrant. He likes to sing "Mares eat oats", nursery song, and wolf whistles at all the pretty ladies who come to visit. He loves Gonzo, our cat so we watch carefully. We all are really enjoying our new little friend and very thankful that we were able to save his life."

Dawn sent us this picture of her adorable babies which she calls "The Quads." She lives in Alberta, Canada and is just starting to breed cockatiels. This is her first clutch of babies and she is a very proud momma. Dawn said," In this picture, the babies were 20, 18, 17, 15 days of age. The babies are grey/whiteface tiels. Their father is a whiteface and their mother is a lutino pearl. I haven't named these darlings because they will all be going to new homes when they are fully weaned. I'm going to really miss them and have become so attached to them already."

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