2800 Names for Your New Pet     

Names L-Z. Please take your new bird to an avian vet for a health check. If you live in the USA or Canada, you should be able to find one. CLICK HERE.

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Lambert Lancelot Layla Lemon Lila Lily
Linus Lizzy Lola Lollipop Lottie Lovey
Lucas Lucky Lucy Lukey Lulu Luvie
Mabel Mac Macaroni Mackie Maggie Magic
Mai Mama Mango Maple Marigold Marley
Marshall Max May Mellie Mercy Merlin
Merry Mia Mickey Midas Midge Miffy
Mickey Miller Millie Milo Mimi Mink
Minnie Mira Misha Missy Misty Mitch
Mitsy Moby Mojo Moocher Molly Mona
Monet Monkey Moonie Mosey Morris Muffin
Muff Mosey Munchkin Murphy Myles Nacho
Nanny Nook Napoleon Nellie Nibbles Nibble
Nook Nikki Noel Noodles Nutmeg Nuts
Odem Odessa Olive Oliver Olivia Ollie
Opal Dopey Oreo Othello Otis Owl
Pico Pancake Pandora Patches Patsy Patti
Peace Peaches Peanut Pearl Pebbles Pecan
Peepers Peewee Penny Pepper Peppy Percy
Predate Perdy Petey Pez Philly Phoebe
Pickles Pie Pinky Pip Pixie Polly
Polo Pong Pooch Poofer Pookie Popcorn
Popeye Popper Poppins Poppy Pops Popsicle
Porky Portia Precious Pretzel Princess Puddin
Pudge Puffer Puffy Pugsley Pumpkin Punch
Punkin Punky Purr Quackers Quigley Radar
Rainbow Raisin Ralph Ralphie Ramsey Randy
Reeses Renny Rhubarb Ribbons Ringo Ripley
Robin Rocket Rocky Rose Rosie Rowan
Roxy Roz Ruby Rummy Sabrina Sadie
Sage Sailor Sally Sam Samantha Sandra
Sandy Sara Sasha Sassy Scarlet Scat
Scooter Scotty Screech Selma Selina Seth
Shadow Shaker Shakes Shakespeare Shana Shelby
Shelly Shortbread Shrimp Sidney Sinbad Skeeter
Skittles Skipper Skylar Slick Smokey Smooch
Snapper Snapple Snaps Sneakers Sneaky Sneezy
Snuggles Snickers Snookie Snoopy Snowy Socks
Sofia Sookie Spam Spangle Spanky Sparkles
Sparky Spats Speedy Spice Spike Spinner
Spock Spook Star Sting Stone Stormy
Strut Sugar Sun Sundance Sunflower Sunny
Sunshine Sushi Suzy SweetPea Sweetie Tabitha
Taco Talula Tammy Tasha Taters Tux
Taylor Taz Teeny Telly Terry Tessie
Thor Tia Tickles Ticky Tiel Tiffany
Tigger Tiki Tilly Tinker Tinkerbell Tiny
Tippy Tobias Toffee Tony Toodles Tootie
Tootsie Topaz Topsy Toto Trina Trixie
Trudy Truffles Tucker Tuffy Tusk Tweeter
Tweety Twink Twinkles Twinkie Twizzler Tyler
Tyra Tyrone Valentine Vanna Victor Victoria
Waddles Waffles Waldo Walnut Wally Wesley
Whiskers Whitney Wicket Wiggly Wilbert Willow
Willy Wilma Winky Winken Wishbone Wolfgang
Woody Yapper Yash Yoda Yodels Yogi
York Yo Yo Yukon Zach Zane Zeb
Zeke Zina Ziggy Zip Zoe Zorro
Zulu Zuzu Shultz Sheltie Butterscotch Burt
Eenie Meanie Miney Mow Tango Uno
Rudy Rosie Mango Jabroni Pewter Squirt
Colby Demon Nanna Chip Dale Spud
Becky Demon Oscar Bert Marble Skittles
Mouse Willaby Shultz Sheltie Butterscotch Burt
Clarice Brody Coffee Whisper Peppermint Cupid
Taffy Dimples Daffodil Hansen Gretel Olli
Snowflake Lola Crystal Silver Ebony Mystic
Woofer Dingo Nanook Kasha Harley Pippin
Kailua Ogden Church Ollie Babel Cheezer
Squeak Squawk Merlin Frills Chiquita Milady

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