Please Read All of Our House Rules

1. We do not use screen names when chatting,  so please post your message using the name you registered with. We need to know who you are in case we need to contact you about your post.

2. Please try to combine multiple questions and multiple photos into one post instead of  several, consecutive ones. Multiple posts that could have been combined push other posts lower on the page where they won't be seen.  Please do not think that we are ignoring you if nobody responds to your question. If nobody responds it's because  nobody knows the answer. Please email me for help and I will be more than happy to help you if I can.

3.The purpose of CC is to share our mutual interest and love for birds, though stories, poems, photos, tips on bird care, and to offer comfort and support to those who have a sick, injured, lost  bird or to those who have recently lost their beloved angel. We also provide support for our fellow members who are having a difficult time in life with other challenges or tragedies.

4. If you think your bird is sick or injured, he/she probably is. Rather than spending time looking for answers online, please call an avian vet immediately. The sooner your bird is treated for an illness or injury, the better the chances are for a full recovery. Information and advise on the message board is not a substitute for the care and treatment that only an avian vet can provide.

5. You are welcome to post links to articles on other sites which are interesting or helpful, but do not copy and paste the entire article unless you provide a link to the source. 

6. Cross posting from other message boards is welcome, but please abide by message board etiquette and state that the information or article is being Cross Posted From Another Board.

7. Please try to respect the opinions of others. It's very difficult to respond to the abuse or neglect of a bird without showing anger. Take a deep breath and try to present rational reasons why the person is doing something harmful to their bird. This is more productive then harsh, nasty words.  If you disagree and have a different opinion, say so but try to keep it polite. It's easy to misinterpret what another person is trying to say when we can't see their face. The use of smileys  will help to set the tone for what you are trying to say.

8. Posts that are obscene, off color, in poor taste, rude, offensive or those that provoke an argument will be deleted. Other posts deemed to be inappropriate will also be deleted at my discretion. If your post is deleted, you will be sent an email explaining why. Please be a guardian angel for CC and  notify me if you see inappropriate messages We do not have formal moderators so each individual member has a responsibility to help  keep CC a safe, educational and enjoyable place to be.

9. Any post that provides unfounded advice or information that can potentially harm a bird will be deleted. If you notice a post like this please email

10. To protect your identity, email addresses will not be visible. Please do not post yours and risk getting picked up by internet robots that collect email addresses.

11. Chatting about topics other than birds is allowed and welcomed but please remember this is a forum about birds. Please put the letters, OT in the subject area of your post so those not interested in reading, can skip over it. OT posts may not contain vulgar, obscene, provocative, tacky, "off color" material or photos that  "show skin". Posts of this nature will be deleted. What type of OT posts are allowed? CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: Cockatiel Cottage is not liable for any loss, expenses, damages incurred from an individual who takes the advice provided in a given post.  Advice is given but should be used at your own discretion. Always consult your avian vet when your bird is sick, injured or breeding and on topics that concern you.  If you don't have an avian vet, there is a link for finding one below. By posting a message you are agreeing to comply with the above guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation in making CC a helpful, friendly and enjoyable place where we can brag about our birds.  Hugs, Eleanor

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for a fast answer. CLICK HERE

Thank You, Eleanor, Mama & Cookie--CC Administrator

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