A Matter of Priorities

Today I'm going to walk to the corner pet shop
Although there's so much  housework to be done.
I'm spending the last of my money on bird toys,
So my birds can have some fun.

My kitchen sink is a stacked with spoons and  dishes,
And the  hamper is overflowing  with shirts and socks,
There are 6 rooms of rugs that need to be vacuumed
But the vacuum cleaner is blocked.
I don't feel like scrubbing the oven and frying pans,
Or scraping spaghetti stains off of dirty sticky pots.
The shelves in the refrigerator do  need a cleaning
Because I can see fuzzy green moldy spots.

Cobwebs dangle and decorate corners on the ceiling,
And the glass windowpanes  are dull with grime,
The living room drapes should go to the cleaners,
But I just don't have enough time.
All of the wooden furniture needs a good dusting,
And the kitchen and baths  needs to be mopped,
The blazing  home fires here are not burning,
Because the bread machine has stopped.

I just don't know what I should  cook for dinner,
With  so many cookbooks stacked up on shelves.
So if  anyone is hungry and  wants to eat today
They will have to serve themselves.
If I only could have just one more little bird,
And  everyday a magical golden egg it laid,
I could forget about all of this  dull housework
And I could hire a live in maid.

I know that's just make believe fairytale dreaming,
And the clock shows hours quickly slipping  by,
I must cook the beef roast that's frozen
And bake that cherry pie.
Perhaps I really am as nutty as a fruitcake,
Since I always hear these words,
Oh this work can wait a few more days,
Today is for my birds.

By Eleonore McCaffrey



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