What Does OT Mean?

OT means Off Topic, a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with birds. CC allows and welcomes OT posting. OT posting offers members a way to become better acquainted with each. They also allow compatible individuals to establish close, online friendships. Most importantly, OT gives support, companionship, compassion, sympathy, love, acceptance, prayers, applauds, congrats etc. to those who need it.  Dirty words, pictures,  smut, obscene, vulgar, off color posts or photos are NOT allowed. If it's not clean enough for a 5 year old, don't post it.

Examples of Appropriate Off Topic Posts:
1. Asking for advice with a personal problem.
2. Sharing a happy, interesting or sad event in your life.
3. Talking about one of your family members.
4.Talking about hobbies, cooking, gardening, sports, books, movies, music, concerts, art, plays, shopping, weekends, vacations, your home, your day,  meetings, school, jobs, health problems, your kids, your family and animals that are not birds---etc.
Please keep it clean or your post will be deleted.

 Eleanor, Mama & Cookie.

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