How to Post Photos, Use "Click Here" or Use Colored Text on CC Message Board
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1. Posting photos, pictures or graphics on the message board or in a guestbook is easy. The first thing you need to do is to open an online photo album. I suggest using Photobucket. Click Here where you can store your photos in a free, personal, photo album.  Photobucket will also give you the HTML tag to copy and paste it into  your CC post so you can share pictures of your beautiful birds with our group. Signing up for an online photo album account is the same as signing up for a free email account at Yahoo or Google or signing up for Facebook. It's free, fast, easy and only takes a few minutes to register.

2. Once you open an account with Photobucket and sign in, Click on MY HOME, at the top of Photobucket's main page. This will take you to your online photo album where you can see all of your pictures after they are uploaded from your computer into your album. Uploading is the process of getting information that is stored on your computer on to the internet.

3. Uploading Photographs: Click on the big box blue box that says Upload Photos and Videos. Another box will pop up that will show you all of the files you have stored on your computer. Find the folder on your computer that contains the photo you want to put on the message board. Double Click on the JPG, JPEG or Gif  (the actual picture file stored on your computer) or click on it once then click on the word OPEN that's on the bottom of the box. When the picture has been uploaded by Photobucket, you will be taken to another page that will say Now Organize Your Uploads, Add  Titles Etc. You can scroll down past these features and click on the blue box at the bottom that says, Save & Share! This will bring you to a 3rd page with even more features to choose from, (very annoying if you don't want to use pictures for Facebook and Twitter).  Click on the blue box at the bottom that says Return to Album.  Now you can finally see your pictures and get the tags you need to post them on CC..

4. To get a picture from your photo album to show up on the message board,  move your cursor over the picture you want to post, and a box will pop up. The box will have 4 different tags to choose from Double Click on the 3rd box that says HTML and the tag will be highlighted and ready for you to copy . Copy the 3rd box that says HTML. and Paste this onto your CC post. That's all there is to it!  You can now show off your bird on Cockatiel Cottage's Message Board!

5. If you are keeping your pictures in a different online photo album, other than Photobucket,  and you are only given a web address and not a complete HTML tag like Photobucket provides, you will have to write a simple HTML, image tag, <img src="URL.jpg"> . Img src is just an abbreviation for image source.  A simple image tag is written like this.  <img src="copy the web address on the top of the page where your picture is located.jpg"> You would then copy and paste this tag into your post on the message board and your picture will appear along with your post. Just don't forget to use the quotations marks and the <  > brackets as shown above.

6.Using a CLICK HERE on the message board for posting direct links to other articles, web pages, photographs, other posts on CC,  is easy too. Copy the url  (web address) that is on top of the page you want to link to and paste it into a simple, HTML Anchor or  Href Tag. Here is the html to write in your message board post <A href="paste the web address on the top of the page"> CLICK HERE </A> When somebody clicks on the words "Click Here", they will be taken directly to the page, article, photo, video, web cam etc. that you would like to share. Once again, make sure you have those quotation marks and brackets in place. Leaving just one of them out will cause a broken link.

How to Use Colored Text on Message Board

If you want your post to appear in colored text, an HTML font tag needs to be written  and placed right before your actual message.  For your message to appear in color write <font color=green, red, blue,  purple etc> or specify the color name or number from one of the dozens of colors listed on this chart. CLICK HERE   Drac has one of the best sites for html tutorials on the web. For an EASY tut on on writing a HTML font tag--so you can use other types of font tags colors. CLICK HERE

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