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Delfina and Mike own Baibee. They said, Baibee is our 18 month old pied cockatiel. He has brought so much love and happiness to us, our family & friends. Of course, he's the most beautiful bird we have ever seen and have had the pleasure of interacting with! We've had him since he's was about 2 months old. So naturally, the name "baby" just stuck. His talents include: whistling a few Star Wars themes (main and Darth Vader) among others, saying "Baby" in different voices & all of my dad's contributions, like a special whistle to call the cows home. He recently learned "peek-a-boo". If a mirror is put in front of him or "You Are My Sunshine" is sung to him, he shows off his repertoire. He loves grained bread, popcorn, veggies, different types of rice & even corned beef 'n cabbage last St. Patty's Day. Our little sweetie is awesome!!"

This is Lucy, Cindy's 10 year old  cockatiel. She said, "We thought Lucy was a female but later found out we had a male. We purchased Lucy from a local pet store. Since she was handfed and hand tamed, my son thought he HAD to have her!!!!!!! We say "her" because at the time they were certain that Lucy was a female. Lucy started talking a blue streak and then we found out that she was actually a he. We decided not to change her name. Unfortunately,  Lucy likes sitting on yogurt treats and thinks they're eggs. I've removed them and it doesn't seem to bother HIM a bit! Lucy's favorite food is warm scrambled eggs......NOT cold! She also loves fresh broccoli and dry cereal, especially Rice Chex. She isn't much on trying anything else and is kind of fussy like most men! But since my son moved out 6 years ago, guess who has inherited Lucy!!!!  So she's just a part of the family like our dog. She hates baths but I give them to her anyway! She loves her MIRRORS and talks to them as well as to me. Her favorite phrase to say that I taught her is "Here Kitty Kitty". We've never had a cat but I just thought it was funny to teach a bird to call for a cat. So maybe that explains where Lucy gets this sense of humor!!!"

Buddy is a lutino male and Holly is a cinnamon female. They belong to Sherry and her family. Sherry said, "They are a bonded pair which is apparent by their mutual preening, sleeping side by side, mating etc. The birds will squawk  loudly if they are taken more than six feet away from each other. Buddy is about 18 months old and we have had him  for about 2 years. He is more vocal than Holly and he whistles different songs such as the Andy Griffith theme and the ,wolf whistle, etc. He does a good imitation of the microwave oven beep and he can imitate a white throated sparrow. He says "Good Buddy Bird, and Kissy Buddy Bird".  Buddy is very affectionate and loves to cuddle close to our faces, especially mine. His ulterior motive is to try and pluck off my shiny earrings. When we first got him, he wasn't tame at all. After much patience and perseverance, he has become a cuddle bug. Buddy loves playing with his toys especially his toy basket. It's just a wicker basket filled with bird toys.  He gets inside of it and picks out things to throw on my floor. He loves taking his shower with the mist bottle.  We got our little Holly as a companion for Buddy because I work. She is 2 or 3 years old and we have had her for almost a year. Holly is still a little timid with people but has come a long way with learning to trust us. She is also very spoiled and  absolutely adores taking a shower with the mist bottle. She looks like she will turn herself inside out! It's  quite comical! She also enjoys foraging through the toy basket. It took almost a year to get my 2 seed junkies to eat pellets and other healthy foods. They now have pellets in their cage at all times and they eat veggies, fruit, pasta, whole wheat bread and other healthy table foods.  Both birds get quite demanding at bedtime because they know it's  seed treat time. Even though they are a bonded pair, we  have them in 2 separate cages for now because of Buddy's dominance. He was nipping at her feet and driving her away from the food dishes. Their cages are kept in our living room because they are part of our family. Buddy and Holly have free range of the house when we are home and get lots of playtime together under close supervision. Their human siblings are James, 11, ,Daniel 9,and Krista, 7. The kids absolutely love their birds. Mom does the cleaning/feeding etc. The kids' jobs are to love the birds and they take their jobs very seriously!!. Other than the dominance problem life is good.  "

Charlie Brown, belongs to Bryan. Bryan said, "We got Charlie when he was 12 weeks old - he will be 29 weeks old in May 2005. Charlie is not a hand fed bird so I'm training him to be able to be touched and to be picked up. Although it's hard I won't give up. I enjoy coming home from school and Charlie will wait at the cage door until I let him out. I have made a simple play pen which consists of 2 perches and a ladder. He loves climbing up the ladder and onto the first perch. Charlie has a red eye because we think that he had lice and he scratched it. We are waiting until it gets better so we can see his beautiful eyes with no redness around it. Charlie loves to talk to the birds outside the house so I take his cage out a few times a day so he can bird talk with them."

Nomar is a lutino cockatiel and he belongs to David.. He said, "My family and I bought my lutino cockatiel, Nomar on August 23, 2004 from Petland in a town nearby. When we were looking for birds Nomar instantly attracted us. He was very affectionate so we decided that he would be the best pet for us. About a month after we got him, we took him off seeds and put him on a pellet diet, He cried for two weeks whenever we walked by but eventually he got over it and learned to like his pellets. Nomar hates getting baths and he hates cameras. He's not very vocal, although we are trying to teach him how to talk.  He can say  "pretty bird" and will say it whenever we're not paying attention to him. If  we are  in another room we'll hear him singing and saying "pretty bird" a sign that he wants or needs us. He never wants to be in his cage and if you forget to take him out your punishment is that he won't let you pet him. Nomar  doesn't like our dog Zoe so much. Whenever we feed her he hisses.  When I walk in from school he instantly starts singing and dancing on his perch. Nomar has a mind of his own. He likes to explore and fly. He's getting better at it. So far my mom is his favorite person because she has the most time to spend with him. Nomar gets cranky at night. He's an early to bed, early to rise bird. He gets his cage cleaned everyday. He just loves life. My family and I love Nomar and look forward to the next 15-20 years."

Pricilla is 2 months old in this picture. Tracey said," I named her Pricilla because I was listening to Elvis Presley music on a CD.  She loves to play on her play gym everyday and go on her swing for exercise. She's very sociable and loves to come out of her cage. Pricella will perch herself on your shoulder and give you lots of kisses. She can already do the Wolf Whistle and will dance to music. Her diet is mainly seeds with dried exotic fruits in it. For treats she gets millet seeds. The cutest thing she has done so far is dance on her cage bar and whistle to music. She also perches herself on the top of people's heads. She really likes to watch TV and listen to Elvis Presley music. Her favorite song is "Blue Suede Shoes.  Pricilla also enjoys looking at herself in the mirror."

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