Birds of the Month, Page 2 July, 2005
By Eleanor McCaffrey,
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This is Quincy, the newest addition to Jane's family. She said, "Quincy is a 14 week old normal gray cockatiel. We brought him home a week ago and it has been a week of adjusting to his new surroundings and new people. We dont know if Quincy is a boy or girl yet. So far he likes his food and his honey stick very much. We have tried feeding him millet spray but hes not quite sure about it yet. Quincy LOVES oranges! We slice up an orange and hes in the dish before you can take your hand away!! He also likes chewing at his mineral block and his cuttlebone. Quincy has been spending time sitting on his perches and chirping! He has ladders and toys in his cage but hes still exploring and adjusting.  Quincy is the lives in a home that is quite a zoo. He has housemates that in addition to us include 2 cats, and many many fish. All are very well loved!!!! We like spending time with our Quincy bird and talk to him and play with him at every opportunity. He dances on his perch for us and likes to stretch out one wing and a leg and the other wing and a leg then both wings at once. We call it bird aerobics! Quincy loves the music on your Cockatiel Cottage.  If hes feeling anxious we log on and it calms him right down!"

Louie, a ring neck parrot, is owned by Heather. Heather said, " Louie is about a year old. I've had  him for about 8 month now.  Louie lives outside of his cage most of the time. He spend most of the day up on his post and he gets into his cage at night all by himself. Louie can talk, but he is kind of lazy. He has said pretty bird and hello. He says a few more things but they are not vary clear. He's a very smart bird.  Louie loves to eat almost anything I put on his plate. He has 2 friends that are cockatiels.  When I got Louie, I thought he may hurt the other birds but he seems to like them. They sleep together and eat together.  I frequently see ring necks at pet shops. They run anywhere from $300 to $600. I got Louie at a flea market for $100.  Louie is a very pretty bird. Everyone who comes over ask if he is real. His feathers are so smooth. I love him, but I wish he was more tamed. He doesn't like anyone to touch him. I hope to tame him more in the next year.

The little angel in the wagon is Helen's bird, Sunny. Helen said, "Our bird doesn't realize he is a bird. He thinks he is a 3 year old kid and acts accordingly. He gets into everything and is obsessed with me. He has to be with me everywhere I go in the house. Sunny is a very intelligent cockatiel, the most intelligent one I have ever had. He can figure out how to get into things just like a 3 year old kid can. He knows how to get the lid off the cashew can and get a nut. He does all kinds of funny stuff to get attention and keeps you laughing all the time. For instance, he sits on the shower door and wolf whistles when my husband or I take a shower. When Sunny wants out of the cage, which is 24 hrs a day, he can sound just like he is crying. Where did he learned that? His vocabulary is amazing. He  can say over 200 words and sentences. He will talk on the phone when my daughter calls, saying "Talk to me" and my daughter will say it right back to him and he will say "Whatcha wanna talk about?" We just love him to death."

Solomon and Sweet Pea belong to Lynn. She said, Solomon is the yellow faced bird and he is an 11 month old male. He loves to talk and whistle. Sweet Pea is a female and she's only 4 months old.. Sweet Pea doesn't talk yet and  is still in the learning process. She tries to repeat words but they're not perfect yet. That's OK, we still love her to We bought Sweet Pea at a pet shop. She's the first bird I ever got and she  is very beautiful. She has almost a light blue/gray coloring to her wings and bright yellow feathers on her tail. Sweet Pea loves to go on the kids heads and make them chase her! Her specie is grey but she is beautiful she has light blue on her wings and she has bright yellow feathers on her tail. Solomon on the other hand is a male I bought him from a man in the bargain hunter. Solomon is a very intelligent bird. He knows how to talk and whistle many words and tunes. He can say "pretty bird" and "let me out". He also whistles at you when you walk by. Solomon is a very gentle, loving bird. Solomon and Sweet Pea are in love with each other. They are  inseparable. We love both birds very much."

This is Twij and he belongs to Alis. Alis said, "Twij now sings to my other bird, Mario. They seem to like each other. Mario and Twij eat seeds but in the morning at about 7 am I feed them cornflakes. Mario likes to chew everything even the nestbox  I think he likes the color green. I put a toy that looked like a red and green apple in his cage. He chewed up the green one. Mario has become more tame since I first bought her. She would bite, fly and screech when somebody walked past her. She doesn't do that anymore. Mario and Twij make me happy.  I just just love to hear Twij singing."

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