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When I purchased Mama, almost 14 years ago, the pet shop sold me bird seed, vitamins  and 2 books. A pellet diet wasn't mentioned in either book. Many other cockatiels are getting sick because of poor nutrition. This site is my way of trying to help other birds stay healthy and live a longer, happier life. If you think your bird is sick,  Click Here to find an avian vet.

Dr. Warren Briggs, Ocean County Veterinary Hospital
Thank you for the help you have given to me for CC and for answering my endless lists of questions over the years!

Dr. Lynn Dustin, Bay Area Bird Hospital, San Franciso CA 
Thank you for the information on bacterial infections. People who love their birds will now be more conscientious and take better care of them

Dr. Jim Millam & The Psittacine Research Project, UC Davies
Thank you for sending me research publications and the Exotic Bird Report.

Dr. Margaret Wissman, Thank you for your articles in Bird Talk Magazine and on the The Exotic Pet Vet  

Dr. Susan Clubb, Thank you for the course you compiled for Avian Certification.

Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook, Dr. Gary Gallerstein, D.V.M. Avian Publications, 2003, One of the best books on pet bird care and health on the market. Over 400 pages with information that can save the life of your bird. Well written and informative for anybody owning a pet bird of any species. A must have if you love your bird. + + + + +

Cockatiels for Dummys,  Diane Grindol, 2003 An excellent, informative book. It's my avian vet's personal favorite. He recommends that all cockatiel owners read it. I agree with him and it's one of my personal favorites as well. + + + + +

The Cockatiel, An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet. Julie Ann Rach Howell Book House, 1997. A well written, informative book. It covers all aspects of cockatiel care, cockatiels, nutrition, including how to convert diets, health problems,first aid, and bird behavior. + + + + +

Feeding Your Pet Bird, Petra M Burgmann,DVM, Barron's Press, 1993. Excellent, detailed book on nutrition , with sections on specific dietary needs of certain species. Includes information on diet related diseases, nutritional deficiencies etc. Highly Recommend + + + ++

The Complete Book of Cockatiels,1998, Diane Grindol,Howell Book House. An excellent book covering all aspects of cockatiels, especially nutrition. Chapters on nutrition written by Tom Roudybush. Expensive, but worth it. + + + + +

First Aid for Birds,   Julie Rach and Gary Gallerstein,  Howell Books, 1998. A must have for bird owners. Offers important information on caring for injured and sick birds, symptoms of sick birds, etc. + + + + +

Breeding Cockatiels, Julie Sturman, Dorothy Schultz, TFH Publications, 1995.  The information is too general. Does not tell you how to set up nestbox or how to handfeed. Doesn't tell you very much about handling babies or caring for them.

Hand-feeding and Raising Baby Birds,1996, Matthew Vriends PHD,Barron's Press. Excellent book on breeding all species. Very detailed information with pictures of all stages of a chick's growth. Highly recommend. + + + + +

Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots, Phil Digney, ABK Publications, 1998. Excellent resource for anybody who is serious and conscientious about breeding  birds. Although a bit expensive, well worth the money.  Information  on the development of an egg and hatching process is very detailed. It could help save the life of a baby. Book also includes excellent material on all aspects of breeding. + + + + +

Avian Medicine, Principles and Practices by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison and Linda Harrison, 1997.+ + + + + Handbook written for vets working with birds but appropriate for bird owners who have a good background in general biology and avian anatomy. 

The Parrot Breeder's Answer Book by Gayle A. Soucek, 2001, Excellent, basic book on breeding, easy to read and covers all general areas. + + + + +.

The Cockatiel Handbook, 1999, Matthew M. Vriends PHD, Barron's Press, 1993. Information on cockatiel care is good but this book focuses strongly on breeding,  breeding for specific color mutations as well as problems associated with breeding. Also an  excellent book for those , interested in building an outdoor aviary. Photos and directions are given in lengthy detail including suggested plantings around the aviary. + + + + +

Why Does My Bird Do That?A Guide to Parrot Behavior,1998, Julie Rach. An excellent book explaining the causes of specific bird behavior, with suggested remedies and approaches to correcting behavioral problems. Highly Recommend. + + + + +

Why Does My Cockatiel Do That? Nikki Moustaki, Bow Tie Press, 2003. Easy to read guide on interpreting your cockatiel's body language.  + + +

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot,1999 Mattie Sue Athan, Barrons Press, 1999. An excellent book with tons of passive games to help you interact with a shy or aggressive bird. A must have for new bird owners, teaching you how gain a bird's trust and interact with you.+ + + + +

The Beak Book, Understanding, Preventing and Solving Aggression and Biting Behaviors in Companion Parrots  Sally Blanchard, Pet Bird Information Council, 2002. An excellent book to help you understand how your own behavior affects your bird's behavior. This book will help you to develop a more positive relationship with your cockatiel. + + + + +

A Guide to Taming and Gentling Your Avian Companion,  Bonnie Monroe Doane, Howell Book House, 2001. Nice addition to your collection of books on birds. Plenty of ideas on how to work with a bird that is not tame yet. + + + + +

The Second Hand Parrot,  Mattie Sue Athans, Barrons Press, 2002. Excellent book for those who have acquired a formerly abused and neglected bird. Ideas on how to make the transition into a new home less stressful and how to rehabilitate special needs birds. + + + + +

The New Cockatiel Handbook, Matthew M.Vriends,PHD,  Barron's Press, 1989. Diet information outdated, but useful for information on breeding  hereditary color mutations.

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Other Sources of Information

Exotic Bird Report,Published by the Psittacine Research Project, Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis. (No longer being distributed).

Basic Care of Pet Birds, Bruce Henderson D.V.M.

Dr. Margaret Wissman, various articles on avian health. Click Here

Bird Talk Magazine An excellent monthly publication keeping you up to date on avian information. + + + + +

Birds & Blooms Magazine, An excellent bi-monthly publication with beautiful photography and great information about wild birds. It contains page after page of information on how to attract birds to your yard. + + +

Bird stories and humor, unless specifically credited, were email forwards  sent by friends. Authors are unknown and I do not take credit for any of them




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