My Kids &Companions

My adopted cyber children and pets are very special and I love them with all of my heart. Adoption is a choice not a chance occurrence. When you adopt a child or a pet, you are giving them a new life and a new beginning. What a wonderful choice. Eliza and Sylvan are twins. They are my first adopted children. Teddy bears were their first gifts before coming to their new family. Please do not kidnap my children or my pets. It will break their hearts and mine. Please adopt your own. Choose adoption, choose life. It's a beautiful gift to give to a child or a pet.

Eliza Sylvan

                     Punkin and Donut
Punkin and Donut are dressed up in garden costumes. Cyber children, like all children, love to play "make believe" games. The wooden post is just an optical illusion.  It is actually a strip of brown burlap sewn onto a white fabric. Adoptive Mommies love their children just as much as other mommies because they wanted children and chose to adopt. 

  Monkey and Juniper Hansel and Gretel


I have also adopted some beautiful and lovable cats. People who are irresponsible and do not spay or neuter their cats contribute to condemning innocent pets to untimely deaths in animal shelters or on the streets. Some people are so cruel that they will just "abandon" a cat miles away from their home thinking that the cat can live like a wild animal off of mice and birds. That's a horrible thing to do to a domestic pet.  Please consider getting your new pet from a shelter. Won't you please consider bringing home an adult cat instead of a kitten?  They have so much unconditional love to give you and their days of life are numbered.

This is Gretel.  She once lived in the nearby woods. Gretel became homeless when all of the trees were cut down by builders, for massive homes on tiny lots.  Now she lives happily in my backyard where there are many shrubs ,berry trees and corn stalks. Sometimes from habit she knocks over all of the trash cans, so I keep the lids locked tightly.  Animals should not have to eat rancid food from dirty garbage cans. This is what happens when people stop caring about wildlife and the environment. I give her fresh food every night.

Loli is our very experienced country doctor. She is also an avian/ veterinarian and very smart. Loli has unfortunately seen too many tragedies  resulting from the neglect or abuse of children and pets. Loli only treats cyber pets and cyber children.  Your birds and pets  needs a real-life veterinarian.  Medical care is a part of being a responsible pet owner. If you don't have an avian veterinarian, click on this link to find one. Get a Vet

 Loli was adopted from Net-Pets.

If you would like to adopt cyber companions, just click on the adoption certificates and you will be transported to the appropriate adoption agency.

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