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There are all sorts of nutritious foods and tasty treats that you can cook or bake for your birds. Seed junkies in particular can benefit from homemade foods because almost all recipes can be supplemented with pellets and fresh veggies. Other homemade foods are only appropriate as small, occasional treats for all birds, because of the addition of sugar. Table salt and milk have been removed from almost all recipes. According to board certified, avian veterinarian Dr. Margaret Wissman, some dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese do not contain lactose and they are considered safe for pet birds. Most of the recipes below will produce a large quantity of food and they should be divided into smaller portions.  To meet the nutritional needs of your pet birds, offer a well balanced diet as recommended by your avian vet, a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, a few treats and some seeds each day. For more information on Healthy Table Foods, Click Here  Now, put on an apron, grab your pots and pans and try some of the recipes below!
Pudding for Birds Egg Food Sweet Potato Bread
Pasta & Cheese Rice/Corn/Beans Quick Bird Bread
Fruit Sorbet French Toast French Toast 2
Mama's Bird Bread Mama's Cornbread 2 Birthday Cake
Beans & Rice Banana Bread Potato Balls
Sweet Potato Cakes Cheese Muffins Almond Delight
Vanilla Custard Egg Food 2 Fruit and Nut Cake
Pumpkin Bread Oatmeal Raisin Balls Honey Seed Treats
Frozen Yogurt Vegetable Bread Pumpkin Custard
Veggie Pancakes Gingerbread Cranapple Cookies
Millet Muffins Maple Berry Bread Pizza for Birds
Fruit Birthday Cake Chicken Bread Fruit Salad
Yogurt Treats Veggie Bread Fruit Toast
Celery Crunch Potato Millet Cakes Spinach Muffins
Sammy's Pizza Parrot Stew Veggie Egg Treat
Pasta Omelet Minute Birdie Cakes Tango Mango Fruit
Veggie Muffins Apple Muffins Apple Bombs
Sweet Treats Honey Fruit Treats Chicken Surprise
Bird Risotto Birdie Jello Cheese Biscuits 2
Emma's Muffins Spinach Salad Chi Chi's Cookies
Coco's Cookies Sweet All Done Cookie's Choice
Sweet & Crunchy Easy Treat Veggie Chicken Muffins
Cockatiel Cookies Statia's Omelets Birdie Quiche
AviCakes Treat Sticks Egg Treat
Elaine's Bird Bread Buddie's Salad Cookie Delight
Fruity Cupcakes Pellet Magic Bird Food
Green Muffins Cracker Treats Pinecone Treats
Pumpkin Birdie Cake **** ****
**** **** Celsius to Fahrenheit
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