Sweet Companions

These are my precious country babies that I have adopted.  My  angels guard and protect animals from harm  so please don't kidnap them.  As adorable as the baby bears and bunnies are, they will growl and alert me if anyone is found stealing graphics. You can adopt country babies too by clicking on the adoption certificates and applying for adoption.   When you choose adoption, you are choosing life.  What a wonderful gift to give to a child and to the world.

Faith and Hope
Faith and Hope are my angels of mercy. Traveling far and wide, they seek those people who are abusing their children or pets. They whisper softly into their ear, telling them that what they are doing is wrong. As my angels sprinkle stardust of love upon the wicked, their hearts warm, their eyes open, and they see how much pain they have caused.Faith and Hope never tire of their quest, even if it is only one person in a year that they can enlighten. They try to make the world a better place for the small and innocent, saving the lives of thousands of children and animals.

           Rachel and Butterscotch        

Rachel is just a baby angel. She is being trained to seek out those who abuse the environment and make it unhealthy for our children and wildlife.  She must learn about water and air pollution, toxic wastes, the destruction of the rainforest, and  endangered species.  Rachel will be taking on a monumental task. Butterscotch is one of her consultants and her best friend.

Rosebud was adopted by me because the forest that she lived in had become very dangerous. People were being issued licenses to hunt and she was very frightened. Violence and brutality create an atmosphere of hate. Children need to grow up in a home where they can learn how to be kind and loving to animals. Rosebud now helps take care of the family cockatiel and is very happy.

Rosa formerly resided near the sea where she loved to breath the crisp salty air, collect shells and swim in the cool ocean water. Because of water pollution, there are no more pretty shells to be found.  Air pollution has made breathing very uncomfortable for her since she has asthma.  Now Rosa lives in the country and looks at pictures of the seashore in story books.
Missy loves her 2 pets.She is holding her kitten,Stripes. Smokey is Stripe's mom.Missy adopted her new pets at the animal shelter.They had been there for 2 weeks and their time was up.As soon as Missy brought her pets home she took them to the veterinarian to make sure that they were not sick.They were given their distemper,rabbi and feline leukemia shots and then they were both spayed. Missy is a responsible pet owner.


My baby bunnies were rescued from a notorious breeding facility. All of the bunnies were tightly packed into very small cages.  The breeders thought that bunny fur made beautiful coats for humans. Now how can a bunny live without it's coat? Bunny fur looks much prettier on bunnies than on humans. Daffodil and Rose play happily in the back yard  with the squirrels and the butterflies. They also nibble on the grass which greatly reduces the time spent mowing the lawn.

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The characters on this page exist in my imagination and in my dreams. By becoming aware of child and animal abuse, people can start to take a stand and do something about it. Speak out and report child and animal abuse if you suspect it.You may just save a life.

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