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Many thanks to Web Tech University and the teachers who
devoted their time teaching me HTML. A big special hug
and thanks to Bari Nirenberg, my tables instructor, for all of
the extra help months after the course was
completed. Thank you so much Bari.

Well I did it! Now I'm learning how to use PSP! Thank you Web Tech for
your wonderful courses. A big special hug and thanks to Becki,my
instructor. Becki you are the greatest! Thank you so very much.

This is truly an honor Maureen and such a surprise.
Your award is just precious.I thank you with all
of my heart!This is our first award.June 3,2000.

What a great surprise! The community leaders at Geocities
Petsburgh voted our site as site of the week
June 16-23 2001. Thank you so much for this special honor!

Lori I am so surprised to receive your beautiful
award.I truly appreciate it. Thank you so very much!

Thank you Robyn for this beautiful award. The little bears
are precious. Mama and I are so happy to receive them!

Oh Maryvel, this is an honor.It really took me by surprise!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful award!

Thank you Diane so very,very much for this beautiful
award. I love the caws of crows and blackbirds!!

These sweet little bears are precious Carol.
Thank you so much for this beautiful award.

Susanna, I really treasure this award. It is so
beautiful and it comes to me across the ocean,
from Rome. Thank you so very,very much.

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