The Bird of the Month for August is Uno. Congratulations
Uno and Lori!! Uno is a baby cockatiel. Isn't he just precious!
Here is what Uno and Lori told Mama Bird.

Uno said: 
Thank you for picking me!!  I am very special to Lori. My parents are Sunny ( female Lutino) and Bert (male Gray/Pearl). It was their first attempt at parenthood and Lori's at breeding and hand raising. Sunny had 5 eggs and 4 were infertile so it was truly a thrill for my humans when I hatched on May 25th, 2002, thus the name "Uno" (I'm number one and only)! I was left with my parents until I was 3 weeks old. I was such a joy to hand feed and quickly bonded to Lori. Her only problem was that she managed to clean me up so good that I lost all of my feathers under my beak and chest...OOPS! (They have since grown back!)

I stayed with Lori in her bedroom and after every feeding we would play and I would jump on top of our tape player. Lori would turn on the "cockatiel training tape"!! I would get so excited listening to the whistling!! I have now moved  into the "bird room" and I have my own cage.  I really like to play with my mirror with a bell attached. I love to eat millet sprays and fresh spinach! When Lori puts me on the floor, she crawls on her hands an knees . I follows her across the room like a puppy. I have learned the "step up" command in a matter of minutes (all this and brains too)!!! 

Lori said: 
My husband, Joe, and I have two children, Michelle, age 16 and Robert, age 9 who share with us our ever expanding love for our birds! Our "feathered family" consists of 33 birds and 2 eggs! 18 Cockatiels, (four babies hatched last week), 8 Parakeets, 2 Fischer Lovebirds, one Canary and 4 parrots (1 Umbrella Cockatoo, 1 African Grey, 1 Lilac Crowned Amazon, and 1 Blue and Gold Macaw). And all of this began with one Normal Gray Cockatiel named boB, yes it is Bob spelled backwards!! He refused to get off of my shoulder at a visit to a pet store, so he rode home with me that way! The rest is history!! We have a lot of "second hand birds" or "pet shop rescues" as we call them. Many were badly mistreated and then just discarded when their owners no longer wanted them. We bring them home and spoil them family claims the birds eat better than they do!!! (They are probably right too!!) Well, I could go on and on, but We truly want to THANK YOU for picking our little Uno for your bird of the month. He will always be our #1 firstborn who beat the odds and brings such happiness!!We are so lucky to have him in our "flock"!!

  Mama Bird said:   Uno, you are the first baby that I have had the pleasure of meeting. You are an adorable baby and a very lucky one too! I wish you a very long and happy life. You are truly a little miracle bird.

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