The Bird of the Month for September is Millie. Congratulations
Millie and Lux !! Millie is an amazing cockatiel who was rescued from
a series of not so loving owners. Here is what Mille and Lux told Mama Bird.


Mille said: 
WOW Mama, THANKS for the spotlight! Surprise! I am really a "BOY" pearl cockatiel and I'm simply the best!! My 13 year old human refers to me as Da Bomb. My all time favorite food is, popcorn from the bag. I sneak inside the bag, steal a piece and back out to sit upon mommies foot eating it. My favorite toy.. well, ready for this, no laughing, but it is..... TOES!! Hehehhe. Mommy wonder if it is the bright colors she wears just to see my reactions. One day she did each toe a different color just to see if it was the foot itself or the colors... I showed her it was the colors!!
  My NEXT all time favorite "TOY" is... **see attached Proof Positive pictures, LOL** the dog... a 3 pound Pomeranian named Sadie. I can whistle the Andy Griffin song, "Let's Go Down to The Fishing Hole ." I also chirp out I Love Yous when ever I'm out with Sadie... My next best thing to do is harass my cage mate, Pete, another cockatiel. Pete is the female.... They thought I was a GIRL, so they wanted to get me a friend. They purchased what was ASSURED to be a MALE tiel...They named him Pete... WRONG, not two days later, Pete laid an egg, go figure... LOL
Lux said: 
I Am unsure of Millie's age, because he was given to me from somebody who got him from someone else, who got him from someone else, etc... What I do know is, he is a prized and loved member of my growing "petting zoo", as my husband likes to call our family. Giggles... again, Thank you so kindly for including Millie on your Bird Of The Month pages. Hugs.
  Mama Bird said:   Millie you are full of surprises and you can come on over to my place and show me your wings anytime. I'm impressed.You are very lucky to have found your way into Lux's heart, after being passed around from family to family like that. Those other people didn't deserve you and it is their profound loss. It makes me so happy that you are now truly loved and cherished by your new family! You are finally receiving the life you deserve.

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