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This 7 week old cockatiel's name is Paco.  Ben said, "I never really new a bird could be so nice and sweet. Here's how I ended up with Paco. I already have a parakeet and he's not very friendly. I really didn't think other birds could be much fun, until a friend told me about her pet cockatiel. She told me how he would get on her finger and hop around on the floor. A few weeks later I got Paco. He is a Lutino Cockatiel. Paco is so friendly and nice! He's not afraid of anything, except the cat!  Paco is full of energy and he loves to play. His all time favorite foods are wheat bread and cilantro. Paco likes to climb up my shirt and take off my glasses. I think it's really cute when he puts his head against me and wants me to rub his little head. I really love this bird!"

Justina said, "My bird's name is Alfie. He's a grey, yellow, white, and orange cockatiel. I have only had Alfie for about a month now but we have really bonded. He's not very old. When I first got Alfie he would bite because he was frightened. Now he only bites if you put your hand to his beak. Alfie is learning how to do the wolf whistle and he's starting to do it a lot now. Alfie is a smart bird. When I go up to his cage he will run and jump onto the door to come out. In the morning when I wake up and he hears my voice, he'll start to whistle. Sometimes we play toothpick tug-a-war. Alfie also likes to perch on your shoulder and play with your hair. Alfie likes taking baths. When I spray him with a spray bottle he'll lean back and start preening himself. He really likes to eat apples. If I cut an apple and put it in his cage, he'll nibble on it until there is nothing left but the peel. Alfie doesn't like kiwi. I put a slice up to his beak and he turned his head away. When I tried to feed him a watermelon he started pecking at it immediately. I chose this picture because I think it is cute to see a bird eating watermelon!"
This is Mac and he belongs to Renae. She said "I've had Mac since he was very young. When I first got him he was sort of ugly looking. His birdie mum was feather plucking him and trying to kick him out of the nest because she had other eggs to take care of. He has now grown into a beautiful, handsome young bird who is a dream to have. He's  such a friendly bird. I could never part with him.  Mac enjoys eating seeds, carrots, lettuce, peas and lots of other veggies. He loves to talk and sing when he's listening to music. Mac also enjoys taking baths and going for showers.  Mac is a joy to have around. When I first brought Mac home, I didn't know the first thing about handraising a bird so I had to do a great deal of research. When he was hungry he would start making noise and he would chase the syringe everywhere. After about 6 weeks, we started to wean him. When my mum was having lunch, she put his seed bowl and Mac on the table with her. He's been eating seed ever since. Mac has his own site"
Scooby belongs to Charlotte. She said, "This is my beautiful cockatiel, Scooby. I got him last year for my 11th birthday. He was born on July 7th, 2004. Scoobyis a lovely, charming bird and a pleasure to own. I'm so glad I picked him over a metallic blue bird. Scooby can talk!  He can say I'm a good boy. I'm a clever boy and Good morning. He also does the wolf whistle and kisses you. The funniest thing he does is nod his head up and down and laugh! Scooby is very entertaining. Scooby eats bird seeds, fruit and vegetables. He also gets treats when he's good. He loves fruit sticks, corn sticks and his cuttlebone. He has a few toys inside of his cage like a mirror with a bell, and an adventure course with a larger bell. He also has a swing and a ladder.  He loves to play hide and seek with his toys. I just love Scooby!!!!

These adorable cockatiel's names are Josey and Dosey. Their owner did not give us his/her name. Their owner said, This is Josey and Dosey. Josey, the one on the left is a normal gray cockatiel and he is a 8 weeks old.  Dosey is the one on the right with his wings up is also a normal grey cockatiel. He's a 10 year old male and is still adjusting to having a new bird around. Dosey has always been mommy's boy, He has become a little less active since Josey came into our family.  Dosey talks.  He can say pretty bird, come here, Hi Dosey, come here Dosey hello and Hi. Josey is being taught how to talk too. I talk to him all the time, but he also listens to a recording during the day when I can't be with him, The Breeder that I got him from didn't know if he was a male but he has just started to chatter and his face is changing to yellow, signs that he is a male."

Baby and Tweety belong to Candy. She said, "They are about 5 months old and very spoiled!  They love to have their heads scratched and  be out of there cage. Baby and Tweety are just like the kids, always getting into things but that's what make them so much fun!. Both of my birds are very affectionate and love attention.  When we're home, we have them out of their cages and we play with them. They  also have a play gym with a swing, ladder and toys that they enjoy. They love to chew on tooth picks and run around on the table picking everything up. When we try to put them back inside of their cage, they always put there heads down thinking we are going to scratch their heads. When they are inside of their cage,  they love to be on their swing or playing with there bell toys. They hate when we leave the room. Baby will screech loudly or start whistling. She does the wolf whistle or that song "The Worm Goes in the Worm Goes Out" to get our attention. When it is dinner time,  we try to feed them whatever we are eating. Their favorite foods are crackers, broccoli and Cheerios. We bought some dried fruit and they like to pick at that too. We also have another cockatiel. Angel is still being hand fed so we haven't brought her home yet."

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