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This is Baby, Sabrina's 4 year old "Baby". She said, "He is a beautiful male cinnamon/whiteface mix and he has the sweetest disposition!, always ready for a snuggle and a head-petting! Baby always wants to cuddle. He will steal your breakfast (or any food for that matter). His favorite table foods are rice, noodles, cheerios, popcorn, and crunchy corn chips! Along with invading my meals (which I happily share), Baby helps with my sister do cross-stitching by pulling the needle for her and knotting the thread. He loves hiding under towels or hats. When I lift them up, he let's out a big "WOO!" and hops forward several inches. He must constantly be with a human and cries his lungs out when he is put in a cage to do something other than eat.  I make sure that he eats right because when I first bought him, he was not weaned. The saleswoman sold him to me not knowing the fact. I called the store back the next day with concerns and before I knew it, I had to learn how to hand feed him myself. He is still a little runt- weighing only 78 grams- but his vet and I are keeping an eye on his weight and overall health. As long as he's happy and healthy, I'm happy!"

Zazu is Carly's first cockatiel. He is approximately 17 weeks old now and she thinks he is a boy. Carly said, "Zazu is learning to step up and down onto a wooden perch. He will step onto my hand but usually he jumps off again, I’m sure he will get used to me with time. Zazu is very spoiled. He has a play gym and lots of toys. I usually buy him a new toy every week and joke to my boss that I am working to buy things for for my bird! His favorite toy is a copper bell. He loves the sound it makes and will always listen if I ring it for him! Zazu also enjoys listening to a CD of Australian ‘Bush Birds’ that I recently purchased for him. I try to have him out of his cage as often as possible, in the morning and the afternoon. He loves to explore. My partner is quite jealous of Zazu. I am always talking to Zazu as soon as I walk in the house! Zazu is eating a seed/pellet mix but I'm trying to get him to eat more pellets. He does love his seed, the same way his mother loves her chocolate!  Zazu tried some popcorn for the first time after he watched me eating some. Hopefully he will become more interested in fruit and vegetables in the future."

Kramie is Amanda's 4 year old female Pied Cockatiel. Amanda said, "Her favorite place to be is in the bathroom on the shower curtain rod. The moment she hears the shower running, she starts chirping for me to come and put her in "Her" shower. Some of her favorite things are a wind-up clock, I assume she likes the ticking, my woven wooden basket and plastic keys I had as a child. Kramie is 100% girly as she loves to sit on my makeup light when I do my makeup in the mornings. She is very possessive of me and fusses and fusses when I am on the phone or walk out of the room without her. Kramie also has an amazing ability to know when I walk in the door. Somehow she knows it's not my roommate even without hearing my voice. She recognizes the sound of my keys, my footsteps, my sniffle, everything I do!  Her favorite place to take a nap is in my bed on her pillow with her wind-up clock. She is definitely spoiled as I let her do what she wants (as long as it is safe). I wouldn't have it any other way because I love her so much. She is an angel!!!"

Maria said, "Baby was given to me by my best friend who owns a cockatiel too. She told me that they are wonderful companions. Baby was handfed and is very tame. She hatched April 6th, 2004.  The woman who handfed Baby calls me to find out how she is doing. She also told me that Baby is a female. Baby is a wonderful bird. She loves to get into everything and chew on it!!! Of course, I always make sure that what she is chewing on is safe. She loves to be with me all of the time, especially when I am on the computer. She loves to bite on the keyboard when I am writing. When I talk to her, she is very attentive and always whistles back at me. Baby likes to eat while I am eating. Her favorite thing to eat is macaroni and cheese. I love her alot!!"

Tweetie is the prized possession of  Dr. Robert Nygren and Eliceo Fernandez. Doctor Nygren said, "Tweetie hatched on March 7, 2004 and we have had her for about 2 months. She's a very content bird and loves playing with her toys. She also loves being held and talked to. So far, she's being a bit stubborn about talking and whistling but I know she will surprise us soon.  Tweetie loves eating nuts and crackers from the mouth. Sets angry when we don't offer it to me because it isn't healthy. One of her favorite friends is our baby Chihuahua named Patches. The puppy knows he is her friend. She can even stand on his back without him becoming upset. I am not sure if he thinks he is a bird or she thinks she is a dog. Either way, they are the best of friends and amuse us. Tweetie is especially precious to us because our last cockatiel was accidentally stepped on and killed. We promised Tweetie that we would watch her extremely carefully so this will never happen to her. Tweetie brings us so much joy!"

This is Masha's bird, Julius Caesar. Caesar is a Normal Gray male and she's had  him for 6 years. Margaret said, "Within those wondrous years, he's taken over our household! We almost lost Caesar even though his wings were clipped. I took him out for a walk in my garden. Suddenly my neighbor ignited a power drill. The noise really frightened Caesar and he gathered his strength, flying to the top of my neighbor's roof. I called him and  the more I whistled his tune, the more he responded with the same tune. I found him in the deep end of the pool, barely floating with his wings balancing him afloat! When I took him out, he grabbed my shirt with his claws and put his head onto my cheek shivering! I was so glad that he was back with me and tha t he didn't sink. I don't know how to swim! Caesar loves to be the center of attention. He tends to sing Italian folklore songs and utter a few words too. Occasionally, he performs a mating ritual dance on top my mother's fingers. Caesar's favorite food is parmesan cheese. He likes playing with a stuffed animal of a dragon, which he to cuddles and kisses.   We love him very much and hope you do too!!!"

This is Janie and she belongs to Tom. He said, "Janie was found in my brother's back yard. She was screaming in a tree and and my brother's two cockatiels heard her. They chirped back. My sister-in-law heard this and went out into the backyard. She saw Janie and offered her some seeds from her hand. Janie flew to her and into the house. They kept her for a few months. I was visiting a few months later and saw Janie. She bowed her head, offering it to be pet and I fell in love with her. She's been with me ever since. Janie's most favorite treat is baby spinach. It was the cause of a recent alarm when some of the spinach leaf dried to her beak. I thought she was sick. Janie is a pretty quiet little birdie and only chirps when she wants to come out of her cage,  every morning at 7:00am, when I wake up and I soon as I get home from work. She enjoys rubbing the top of her head against a hanging tri-ball, plastic toy in her cage. She loves having the top of her head massaged and patted. Since she was a run-a-way (fly-away) I'm not sure of her age or background. The local bird shop believes she's very young, and only about 1 year old."

This is Christine and Angie's cockatiel. Her name is Wobbles. Christine said, "She is about 7 months old now but we got her when she was only 3 months old. My mother wanted to get a pet for company when I move out. A lady that she works with breeds cockatiels. My mother went to the her house and picked out Wobbles. I came home one day and there was Wobbles, sitting on my mother's shoulder! Wobbles is a special bird and very loving. She will let me give her kisses when I put my lips on her beak. When I let her out of her cage onto my finger she will put her head down and rest it on my thumb as if to say, "You can pet me now!". Wobbles cannot talk yet but she sure can use her voice! Whenever she hears a toilet flush, she will chirp loudly. She knows mommy is coming out of the bathroom and will pay attention to her! When she is out of the cage and one of us leaves the room she will chirp loudly until we chirp back. Wobbles is happy here. Her feet are always warm and she is content with biting my earrings and throwing things off our table, like hair ties, money and anything she sees that she doesn't want on 'her' table. Our cockatiel is a happy content little woman. I can't wait until she learns to talk!"

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