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This is Lemon and he belongs to Leifi. Lemon is a 9 month old normal male gray cockatiel. Leifi said, "He is so cute and loves to play with me and his toys. He loves to be sprayed with the mist sprayer and is very friendly and sweet. Lemon was a birthday present from my parents. I chose him because he was the cutest and the one who I liked the best. I asked the salesperson if the cockatiel was a male or female and they said that it was definitely a female. A few months later he lost some feathers and he began to look different. I found out that it was a male so I changed the name from Lemonade to Lemon. No matter what gender my bird is, I love him so much. Cockatiels are my favorite pets and they are so cool. They come in different sizes and colors too!"

Sarah is 3 months old and belongs to Crystal. Crystal said, "I went to our local breeder who had several different cockatiels to choose from. She had a place set up where you could sit with the bird of your choice to see how you and the bird liked each other. I took Sarah, who was scared but really sweet. She sat on my shoulder for a while and then started to chirp. I brought her home with me that day. Sarah loves to get her head scratched and enjoys snacking on cheerios and small cut up apple and carrot pieces. She has really opened up with her personality, blossoming into a sweet, gentle pet and my little friend. We are now a 4 member family me, my husband, our 6 year old son, and Sarah. We all love her dearly."

The names of these sweet little babies are Billy the Kid and Jessie James. Joyce is their mommy. Joyce said, "My husband and I were set up at a bird show. A lady there was asking around if anyone wanted some babies. Most of the people wouldn't even talk to her. She finally came to our table. She asked me if I would like some babies and wasn't asking for money. The mother bird had been killed by a cat. The lady didn't know how to hand feed them. I couldn't say no. I walked out to her car and she handed me these sweet babies. I don't think these babies will be going anywhere when they grow up other than right here in my heart. I'm hand feeding them and they love to snuggle. Billy and Jesse are very special to me and I love them dearly."

This is Elvis and he belongs to Vangie. Vangie said, "I was outside with our 2 pit bull puppies, Sugar and Honey. I looked over at Sugar and there sat a gray cockatiel, nose to nose with the puppy. I went over and held my finger out and the bird climbed right on. I looked in local papers but could not find his owner. After doing a lot of research on cockatiels I decided to keep him. Elvis is doing very well and is very friendly. He loves to sit on your head and sometimes shoulder. He plays with my sons hair all of the time. We are so glad that we found him."

Sidney, an extremely special and cherished bird, belongs to Tammy. He's a 5 month old cinnamon. Sidney recently flew into the mouth of the family's malamute puppy and was severely wounded. He has made a full recovery. Tammy said, "Sidney's usual hangout is on my shoulder munching apples with me, while we visit animal related websites. He loves my children, Lizzie (10) and Curtis (4). He loves hiding in Lizzie's hair, and climbs on my husband every chance he gets. I am so grateful he survived the attack, but more importantly, I am grateful everyday for him. I love him more than I ever could have imagined. We never take chances anymore. He is NEVER out of his cage when the dog is inside. He is our little Angel, and we cherish him!"

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