Because Bernie is loved so much and has such a special,
heartwarming story to tell, he is also being honored
as Bird of the Month for September. Congratulations
Bernie and NaDeana !! Bernie is a wonderfully cheerful and
happy bird because of his new mommy who rescued
him from a pet shop. Here is what Bernie told Mama Bird.

Bernie said: 
Mommy couldn’t decide which picture of her babies to send, but I won. The other 7 are going to be jealous!! Mommies very first cockatiels had just laid 4 eggs, on the bottom of the cage. She was going back and forth to the pet store asking advice on what to do. They pretty much told her that none of the babies would make it since it wouldn’t be warm enough, or they would get sick of them etc. Over in the corner of the store, behind a few huge cages of the birds that were being boarded there, was a tiny cage. Inside was a little cockatiel--ME. I was so sad looking. Mommy stopped and talked to me and I perked up a little but never made a sound.
  A few weeks past and I was still there at the pet shop!! My little head hung even lower than before. I was in desperate need of preening and she just couldn’t take it anymore. She asked someone about me. I had been brought there by my owner who was pregnant and felt that I was too demanding. My name was Bernie. I would be 2 in June and could say “Hi Bernie”, sneezed when you sneezed, whispered, loved feet and could whistle the theme to the Simpson's. It was hard to believe all that could come from such a pathetic little thing.
  Mommy thought long and hard about it. She already had 4 birds and if the eggs hatched and all the babies lived she would have 8. Plus me, 9!!! She just couldn’t help it. She came back the next day and took me home. I sang the whole way home!!! I am so happy now and love mommy so very much!
Na Deana said: 
Bernie has been a constant source of joy and I am so glad that he came into my life. It was a little rough for him at first learning to get along with other cockatiels, but he is fine now. And by the way, 3 of the babies hatched, and they are now 3 months old--- How many birds is that again? Bernie has now learned to bark like a dog and the call out the the cats by going pssspssspsss.
  Mama Bird said:  When I told NaDeana that she had a heart of gold, she said,   "If my heart is ever to be made of gold it is because my cockatiels are sitting inside of it." How beautiful! Bernie, the story about your life brought tears to my eyes. I don't understand how people can treat their pets as disposable commodities. Why don't they realize that we are intelligent and know when we are being neglected or abandoned. It hurts and we get depressed, just like humans do. I only wish people would become really educated about birds before going out and bringing one into their lives. Bernie, I am so happy you now have a good and loving home.

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