Spike, Lorraine's Little Biker

Spike is my 5 years old cockatiel. He is very vocal and has a wide variety of whistles and words. He TRIES to whistle the Alfred Hitchcock theme song, (courtesy of my dad) and he wolf whistles among others. He says HELLO, PRETTY BIRD, C'MERE BIRD and many combination of the above. He also has this uncanny knack of mimicking the beep of the phone. So as I'm dialing he'll beep too. It will mess me up everytime! He has also done it to other people when they've used my phone! Spike also knows, when I pick up the phone I say HELLO! So when the phone rings, he runs back and forth in his cage schreeching HELLO!

Spike LOVES millet. He also loves apples and pasta and his cuttle bone doesn't last long in his cage. For a special treat, he gets corn flakes or chicken and sometimes cantelope or honeydew. Spike likes to take a shower with me. He will sit on my shoulder or arm and likes to shower in the spray. His finest quality is the fact that he will come when called. His cheerfulnees, the greetings when I open the door... they all make me feel happy to be home. He's a clown and spoiled brat. He throws his own temper tantrums and has "Time Out" but is SOOO darned cute sitting there sulking until I walk up to the cage and I have to say... "Where's my pretty bird?" THEN and ONLY THEN will he perk back up. If I say anything else...he sits...sulking.

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