Scooter's Story

My husband Joe, and I have two children, Michelle, age 16 and Robert, age 9 who share with us our ever expanding love for birds! This is Scooter,our Congo African Grey. She is almost 4 years old now. Scooter is another one of our "Pet Shop Rescues". She was abandoned by her owner. Because of lack of attention and proper care, poor Scooter had plucked out all of her chest feathers! She was living in FILTHY conditions at an out of town pet store. When we saw her, we could not leave without her! She is much better now and growing back some takes time. She is in Love with my hubby, Joe and follows him around the house like a puppy!! Scooter talks up a storm repeating just about everything that we say. We have to be very careful with our choice of words and what we say! Her prior owner was a man!

As you may have read on some of the other beautiful bird's pages, Lori has over 33 assorted feathered kids. She also breeds different types of birds such as cockatiels and parakeets. Lori is one of the most incredible bird people I have had the pleasure of meeting through Cockatiel Cottage. I would like to thank her once again for sharing so many photographs of her babies with me. She has really brightened my days with them. I never know what to expect in my email.
Thanks so much Lori!

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