Roc and Rollie, Zenaida's Babies

These little muffins are Roc and Rollie. They are 1 year and 2 months old. They are mommies little babies. If they don't get my attention, they let me know they are lonely.  My little guys are just like twins. What one does so does the other. They both can talk and wolf whistle. They both can say "What's the matter," "What happen," "What's up". They can even say my granddaughters name "Tisabel". They also know how to imitate a car alarm, which is very annoying... I wish I had a little clicker like the cars do. Maybe I could turn him off----lol. They are both so smart!

Roc likes to be touched more then Rollie. Rollie loves my earrings and my ear sometimes---ouch! My granddaughter takes her little books and makes a bridge for them. They think it's a hideout. Roc likes to be sprayed and opens his wings but Rollie is bath shy. He runs away.Some of their favorite foods include honey bars, grapes, crackers and sometimes a sweet treat. 

The most amusing thing about them is that they think they are secret agents. Let me explain. The bottom part of their cage where all of the left over food and everything else falls through,  is very low and can only be accessed through the outside of the cage. Well, my secret agents get out and get to it.  Roc and Rollie love to be out of the cage playing.The cage they have is a big one. I wanted to make sure they had enough room to play and plenty of toys. They love to play with their toys. Our birds are treated with the best of care. They live with me,my husband Hector and my granddaughter Tisabella.  We love them so much we are thinking about getting two hens to keep them company.  Maybe in the near future we will have an entire family of birds!

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