Valerie's Pretty Bird

Hi, my name is Pretty Bird! I am a very handsome gray cockatiel, and I will be celebrating my 3rd birthday next Spring! My people parents (I call them Mama, and Dad) "Inherited" me from my Dad's parents. They were very busy people and did not have the time to pay much attention to me, and cockatiels need that! I was so excited to go to my new parents house, because they had another little cockatiel. She's a beauty named Daffodil! I live in my cage right next to her!

I was a seed junkie when my parents picked me up, but thanks to Eleanor's recipe for "Pellet Soup", here on her website, Daffodil and I recently fully converted to pellets. We "Dine Out" of our cages quite often and eat with our parents. We love to throw our food on the floor! It makes life more interesting for Mama. I like dry pellets, and Pellet Soup, parsley, dill, bell peppers, green onions, white rice, pasta, oranges, Rice Chex and Cherrios, among other things.

I love to entertain Daffodil, by whistling the "Andy Griffith" theme song, imitating wild turkey calls (my former Dad watched the Hunting channel a little too much!), and bowing to her! I also like to say to her "What a Pretty Bird", and "Pretty Bird". I have learned something new that sounds like "Wow!". I love to play on my cage (with supervision of course!), or with my parents when I'm out of my cage. I am a very gentle bird, and love to groom anyone who will let me!

Once I went to a vet who let me groom his beard! I also like to chew on jewelry. I even broke my Grandma's bracelet - oops! I love it when my Mama rubs my ear patches and head! We sleep right outside our parents room with our nightlight because Daffodil had a lot of "Night Frights" in the past. When I see the sun come up I usually wake up everyone by whistling one of my favorite songs. Sometimes I will whistle a certain tune and I expect Mama to whistle it back exactly to me. If she doesn't do it right, I give her a strange chirp that lets her know! I am a very happy boy with my new parents and my new friend Daffodil. I love all of the attention that I get!

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