Pete,Lux's Little Girl!

Let's see, what can I tell you about Pete...? For starters,Pete is a female tiel! He was purchased as a playmate for Millie. Millie turned out to be a boy! Pete was a very frightened and shy bird when I purchased her back in March. She is 11 months old now and much better.I had her wings clipped because she was biting very hard, but since I have had her, I handle her as much as possible and now she does the "ladder" and comes from hand to hand. She THINKS that she can still fly and often takes that plunge from her cage to the floor, flapping like mad just to crash land... Luckily it is not a far fall and there is a plush carpet under her.

Pete is a very comical bird. She just adores her pals, my toy Pomeranians. She often spends time falling on top of them and then hitching a ride from room to room. She is  squawking and whistling the entire time as though she is a driver with road rage. She looks and sounds as if she is yelling "Yo Millie, passin on the left!" 

Pete has already laid several non-fertilized eggs. We're hoping that she and Millie decide to become parents some day. They kiss and sing to one another and spend so much time preening each others feathers. Millie also whistles songs out and now Pete is starting to do the same. Pete and Millie are happy to amuse each other with their head bobbing and playing hide and seek. They have many toys in their large home. Sometimes I catch them whistling from behind one of those toys as though they are playing hide N seek. All in all, I think Pete and Millie are best friends.

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