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Lindsay is this pretty little bird's mommy. His name is Leo. Lindsay said "My boyfriend and I found Leo outside where I work.  Leo is very sociable but he doesn't have full use of his legs.  Sometimes he has to stop and balance himself with his beak. We had to make some adaptations to his cage because both of his legs are affected. We had to put in a flat perch for him. He uses his beak to climb and hold onto the side of the cage and to climb out of his cage. Leo seems to be trying to be use his legs but he only has so much movement with them. We later learned that he was born with splayed legs, something that can usually be corrected at birth, but not once a bird is older.  Leo's favorite thing in the whole world is his companion Aries who was also found flying outside. Leo also loves to sit on the TV so he can watch everything as it happens . Although we have been trying to teach him to say goodnight, his first imitation was of the chickens that are being raised next door. Leo also likes to tease the cats by calling them and sticking his head out the cage to kiss them. His favorite foods so far are bananas and broccoli.  Leo is the friendliest bird I have had the honor of dealing with and I hope he is with our family for a long time. Both of our birds are tough little critters that have survived God knows what to find a home in my heart."
Skylar is Amanda's bird. He is a normal gray bird that she took from a friend who found him flying outside. Amanda said, "I've had pets all my life, including a parakeet who lived almost twelve years before passing away. I love birds but have never been able to have them because of the cats. After convincing my parents that I could take care of this bird, I did research on taking care of and taming this cockatiels. Skylar has shown a natural curiosity for his surroundings and he loves playing in and out of his cage. His favorite treat of the moment is a couple flakes of Special K. He's caught on to taming very quickly and does well for his treat. He loves his seeds but also likes to eat fruits and vegetables. His favorite fruits and vegetables are carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes and peaches.  He loves to fly around my bedroom and perch himself on my shoulder while I do my makeup. He whistles at himself in the mirror all the time and while I haven't gotten him to sing, he does chirp at me when I don't give him enough attention. He loves climbing on his ladder and chewing on his Cuttlebone. He also loves this big toy I bought for him. It's a bundle of frayed cloth with blocks and he sits on it and nibbles on it.  I haven't gotten him to talk yet, but when I say "Show me your wings, pretty boy." he'll balance on my hand and show me his wingspan. He loves climbing on picture frames and lamps but he also likes to sit on my bed and claw at my pillows. Skylar is a happy bird with a great future ahead of him!"

This is Jennifer's beloved, cherished friend Snowy who passed away on Thursday, June 30, 2005. Snowy was 17 years old.  Jennifer said, " I am utterly broken hearted and devastated. Snowy has not been well since the 14th of May, but he picked up a little after the vet prescribed an atibiotic and a probiotic drink. Snowy was very tired and he just wanted to sleep. I am still in shock as I was not prepared for his death although I new deep down in my heart he was aging fast. Thankfully I am left with a feeling that I did all I could for him in the last few weeks of his life and I am blessed to have had such a wonderful bird for over 17 years. His best time was in the evening when he would eat his honey bell or dangle on the end of a millet spray.  I wrote the following words in memory of my Snowy. Ode to Snowy , Sun shines through my window and I just love to bask in the rainbow colored rays that are magnified through the glass. My feathers all puffed up to absorb the dayís first heat that emphasize my colors which are lemon sorbet with a hint of peach for my cheeks. And now the day is started and I just sit and contemplate until someone comes and speaks to me and then I go tweet tweet"

Wilson and Toil are Quaker Parrots that were rescued by Richard. He said, "Toil the female is about 7 years old. She hadn't been handled in a long time and her male mate died. She became self destructive, plucking out her feathers and she isn't sociable at all. She isn't kept in her cage all day and she has learned to play. All of  her feathers have grown back and she seems very happy, although she's still unfriendly. Wilson is 2-3 yr old. He is a total clown and enjoys everyone. He tends to like me more than others but so far he just likes everyone to pay attention to him. He also is not caged much and has free roam of the parrot play area. Wilson talks and his favorite phrase is " ARRRRRRRR I'm a pirate".   He loves to have his picture taken and bath time is a real event. We put about 3" of water in the sink and he will completely submerge himself in it and he has to be forced out of the water because he loves to be wet, Toil had her first  bath with us.  She also likes the water very much but not nearly as much as Wilson does." 

Victoria just got her first cockatiel and she's very excited about it. She named her new baby Sparky. Victoria said, "Sparky is a cinnamon pearl and he is absolutely gorgeous! I met Sparky when he was just four and a half weeks old. His pin feathers hadnít even broken yet! This is Sparky at six and a half weeks old and boy hasnít he grown! I was shocked when I saw all the dramatic changes only after two weeks so I had to take pictures and as you can see he just loves the spotlight! When I first met Sparky we had this special bond and I knew he was the bird for me! Sparky stood out from his two brothers and sisters because of his captivating personality! I canít wait to spend many more years with Sparky and am looking forward to them!"

Spike owned by Cathy She said, "They are about 5 months old and very spoiled!  They love to have their heads scratched and  be out of there cage. Baby and Tweety are just like the kids, always getting into things but that's what make them so much fun!. Both of my birds are very affectionate and love attention.  When we're home, we have them out of their cages and we play with them. They  also have a play gym with a swing, ladder and toys that they enjoy. They love to chew on tooth picks and run around on the table picking everything up. When we try to put them back inside of their cage, they always put there heads down thinking we are going to scratch their heads. When they are inside of their cage,  they love to be on their swing or playing with there bell toys. They hate when we leave the room. Baby will screech loudly or start whistling. She does the wolf whistle or that song "The Worm Goes in the Worm Goes Out" to get our attention. When it is dinner time,  we try to feed them whatever we are eating. Their favorite foods are crackers, broccoli and Cheerios. We bought some dried fruit and they like to pick at that too. We also have another cockatiel. Angel is still being hand fed so we haven't brought her home yet."

This is Joey and he belongs to Lucy. Lucy said, "My bird isn't a cockatiel, he is a Budgie. Joey is so sweet!  He is still a baby and he can be hypnotized very easily. He will sit in your hand like this and peck at your fingers until you tickle his neck and his cere! His favorite foods are dandelion leaves, and he loves his millets so much! He can't talk yet but when other people come into the room, he flies at their heads and screeches until they stroke him. He whistles and chatters alot, but so far he doesn't talk. Joey never stops whistling! He grinds his beak at 7:00 in the morning when I am trying to sleep! He is just adorable and I love him!"

Eddie, whose favorite toys are cat balls, belongs to Marty and Sue. They said, "When we wanted some new bird balls, the pet shop had run out. We therefore bought him cat balls. His favorite colored one is yellow & white. We have to buy a few spare ones for when his next favorite one wears out. Eddie loves to play football with these. He also likes his parrot mirror & bell. He also throws toilet roll tubes around the floor. Occasionally, Leo will put one of the tubes over his head, which looks really funny.  Leo loves my 60s music. I don't expose him to loud music. When I sing at home, its never very loud,& when he comes with us to nursing homes, I keep the volume low. Eddie whistles along! One of his favorite songs is "Rockin'Robin." Eddie loves mashed potato, peanut butter on toast, porridge, broccoli, and bran flakes. We just love cockatiels! No amount of money on earth could give us as much pleasure as  Eddie does. We feel proud that he is our bird."

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