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Croissant belongs to Kung King and is visiting us from Thailand. Those of you who visit Birds of the Month regularly may remember her first bird Custard. Custard died after being attacked by a cat. Croissant is her new little angel. She said he has brought her a great deal of comfort but Custard will always be close to her heart. Kung King said, "Now that I have my little one I feel so happy, Cockatiels are the prettiest creatures in the world!!! I think Custard is a boy. Heís a 2 -3 months old pied and a hand-feed bird. I bought him from pet market. The weather in Thailand right now  is not good for birds. It's raining almost everyday and very windy. I'm worried because I don't want to lose my cockatiel again. I still canít stop thinking about Custard's death. This make me very careful with my new Croissant. Heís pretty naughty. He always flies every time he goes out of his cage." Note: Click Here to Read about Custard

Boo Boy is Crystal's very friendly, male pearl cockatiel. He was hand feed as a baby. Crystal said, " Boo came from a local pet shop that takes wonderful care of their kids. Boo picked me as his human when I was looking at a lutino. He kept climbing all over me. I was hooked on this little pearl feather duster. Boo has learned how to talk. He says many words & phrases. His favorite phrase is "Come Here, See Boo." I can't believe how fast he learned to talk. He loves head rubs and his veggies, including cucumbers, green beans, carrots & spinach. He's my baby. I wouldn't trade him for the world."

Ren named her new cockatiel Pied Piper because she is a cinnamon pearl-pied. Piper is 1-1/2/years old and was Ren's sweet sixteen birthday gift. Ren said, "She is such a doll and very much bonded to me. When we went to the pet shop the bird I wanted had been sold. However, they had 5 new cockatiels in. I was immediately drawn to Piper because of her beautiful feathering. She stood out so vividly against her gray companions. I reached in to pick her up and was treated by the royal run-around, but I finally managed to get her perched on my shoulder. That has been where she has stayed ever since! I cannot imagine not having her whistle at me when I enter my room--or leave it! Piper is such a character! She is a sweetheart and has never bitten anyone in the family...well, except for my Chihuahua when he sticks his nose in too close to her liking! I am so grateful that fate intervened and paired me with my girl Piper. She truly is a joy to have."

Mary got Ozzie and Harriet in 2002. The lovely couple are getting ready to start a family. Ozzie has started working on the nest. Harriet just sits back and relaxes. They are both very sweet birds. Mary said, "Ozzie can whistle and can say pretty bird. Harriet is more quieter than Ozzie. Their favorite treats are millet,  Cherrios,sunflower seeds but they don't get too many of them because they are high in fat. They also love treat sticks and taking baths. Ozzie and Harriet enjoy listening to country music and imitating all of the sounds around the house. These birds are my babies and they are the just so sweet! I'm really looking forward to sharing the breeding experience with them."

Bubo was two years old in September. Dari said," I met him at the pet shop when he was a few month old.I put my hand inside of the case with a bird seed to see if the birds had been handfed. Bubo walked right up to me and when I took my hand out he followed me right up to the glass. It was love at first sight and I never had to tame him. We have been family ever since. Bubo loves feet. He talks to them, and bites them too. His favorite food is sweet potato baby food. He gets it all over himself. I have to pick it out of his feathers because he only wants a bath when he is already nice and clean. Bobo loves the Blues Clues and when he gets very excited he lifts his wings high and does the love dance. He also likes to sleep on his favorite toy. I have to search high and low to find new ones when they get old and can no longer withstand washing. I love this little bird more than you can imagine."

Dawn is just starting to breed cockatiels. She sent us this picture of her very first clutch of babies. Dawn said, "I am a very proud momma. This picture was taken on August 7, 2003 when the babies were 20, 18, 17, 15 days of age. The babies are grey/whiteface and the males are split to lutino pearl as well. Their father is a whiteface and their mother is a lutino pearl. I haven't named these darlings as they are not for keeps. They will all be going to new homes when they are fully weaned."

Barbara sent us this picture of her flock of cockatiels. She said, "Sitting with four birds on you may seem strange to some. To bird lovers, four isn't enough. In the picture, the grey on my left elbow is Crackers. The two whites on my shoulders are Cheddar and Pumpkin. The one in my hand is a cinnamon, Cinny. Their unconditional love, with an attitude once in a while, is priceless. I never thought I could get so attached to a bird. Crackers is mine. The other three belong to my daughter."

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