Mama Bird as Elvira

This little sweetheart doesn't need any introduction. I was looking through all of the photographs that I had taken of Mama and found this one. I always thought it looked like a vampire coming out of a cave. So I had to include my little goblin in the Halloween Parade too!  Mama sounds just like a bat when she plays "Attack the Nose". She doesn't bite me. She's just angry because I dared to take my gold locket away from her. She bops me on the nose with her beak and makes a squeaky sound that really sounds like a bat! The more I laugh, the more angry she gets.

Mama is continuing to do very well although she is still prone to her moodiness. She is now starting to play with a few of her toys! YES! She is also doing really well with tasting new foods that I offer her. Today she ate raw broccoli for the first time. She still loves hard boiled egg yolks, bird bread and cooked sweet potatoes.  The biggest news is that she finally had a few baths with a water misting bottle. I  have to stand in front of a mirror, spray the water up into the air so it  falls down like rain on BOTH of us. I get more wet than she does. Most of the water just rolls right off of her because so much powder has built up on her feathers. She's still a bit frightened, but at least she doesn't fly away anymore. She absolutely loved being dried with a blow drier!

I hope you have enjoyed the Halloween Parade of Birds. It was so much fun to put  together. I want to thank all of you who have participated by sending in your photographs and wonderful stories about your birds. A big hug and a special thank you goes to  Lori for sharing so many of her gorgeous bird pictures with me and for taking the time to write so much about each bird! Thanks so much Lori! I hope everybody read about the new way Birds of the Month will be handled. So please start sending in your photographs and stories about your birds for November.

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