Lori's Favorite Big Mac

This BIG sweetie hatched on February 15, 2002...just missed Valentines Day! He was hand raised by our friend Michelle who also hand raised Bubba!I told her I really wanted a Macaw. She assured me that when the right Blue and Gold came along she would let me know. She had other Macaws that were not hand fed by her and she said the temperament (very nippy Scarlets) were not what we wanted, not real "People Birds"! Then along came Mac and she said we had to come and see him. Our first visit was to this adorable blob of featherless bird with full crop, bulging eyes, huge feet... and I WANTED HIM!!! He was 10 days old.

We went to visit Mac often, to check on his progress and watch his personality grow.We wanted to bond with him and let him get to know us! This bird was Michelle's first hatch of the season  so Mac was her only baby. He got 100% of the attention.  She would bring him to her shop for hand feeding during the day. Michelle said if the bird went home with anyone, she wanted it to be us. In May we made the arrangements to take Mac home as soon as he was 100% weaned and eating on his own for at least 2 weeks. We brought this beautiful baby home on June 3rd and I was finally able to take his big picture out of his enormous cage. I had taken a picture of him on one of our visits and made it into a 8 x 10 photo. I hung it inside of his cage so it would look like he was in there. Everyone that saw it asked if I should seek professional help..LOL!

Our Mac was finally home and to our surprise (and Michelle's) he began eating right away...seeds, pellets, nuts, apples, corn on the cob, cheese..everything! He began exploring his cage, inside and out. Because he was so young, he had not quite grown into his large head and tail. He would loose his balance sometimes and was somewhat clumsy on his large perches and rope swing. He was so amusing to watch. Within a week we were cuddling with him and he finally let us rub his back and under his wings and touch that long tail...he finally trusted us.

When we cuddle with him he growls just like a puppy while having the back of his head scratched and neck rubbed. He has started talking early and first words were "UP"! He wants to be held and loves to go outside and have his "shower" We spray him with a mister and he is in heaven! He can also say Hi, and HELLO! I think it helps that he hears all the other birds talking and he copies them. Mac also thinks he is a shoulder bird. He climbs from my shoulder onto the middle of my back and tries to get up on my head,growling all the way. It's too funny! As you rub him, his feathers go up on his head and his eyes close. What a life!

One of the reasons we wanted a Macaw was because you can REALLY play with them and they can play rough! His favorite game is "Beak Wrestling" as he places his beak around our finger and we hold his beak and gently shake his head back and forth while he growls (not a game you can play with a cockatiel or parakeet!) If he ever gets too rough, we just say "OUCH" and he stops and looks at us as if to say,"OOPS, Sorry, Did I hurt you?" Then the games resume. He's so much fun! Our Big Mac is such a wonderful addition to our family!

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