Johnny, Beth's Source of Joy

Johnny is such a sweet old bird. I don't know exactly how old he is. The breeder I bought him from said he was an older bird and sold him for a lower price. Johnny likes to stand in front of his mirror and whistle at himself. When it comes to toys he is not real interested in anything except his mirror. He likes to look at himself. He has been known to look at his reflection for hours. He loves to eat Cheerios. His favorite activity is riding around on my shoulder.

My husband has nicknamed him Pit Bull because he tries to intimidate you when he is in one of his invincible moods. Johnny acts so macho but really is little bit of a coward. He is afraid of a lot of things. The sound of paper scares him so bad he climbs to the top of the cage and hides. He is also afraid of my 4-yr. old son but even I can identify with that.

Johnny also enjoys the company of his girlfriend Casey, although sometimes they don't get along. Johnny is jealous.Casey is my gray and is also a very sweet bird. She and Johnny will compete to get their heads scratched. If you scratch Johnny's head,you better believe that Casey will be their in a second flat. Johnny is very very jealous of little Case. If she is perched on the food dish he will stop what he is doing and go clear across the cage to knock her off the dish. She of course in return always gives him a run for his money.

Johnny has brought joy into my life in so many different ways. The most important way is that he knows how to love. He likes to get close to my face and rub his little head on my nose. I call them hugs!! It would take me 3 pages to describe my genuine bird. So I'll leave it at this. I love Johnny so much. He is a unique,one of a kind bird and the joy of my life!!!!

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