Jelly Bean, Karly's Sweet Little Friend

Jelly Bean is my normal gray cockatiel. I got him in December from a pet store.I picked him out of a group of three cockatiels. Jelly Bean definitely wasn't the prettiest. There was a beautiful pied tiel. The sales person said "Oh you probably don't want that one, it's a girl." Jelly was the tamest little tiel by far. He didn't try to escape when I picked him up but perched happily on my finger. The pied wasn't tame enough and the other grey wasn't as friendly. I wish I had gotten a cockatiel from a breeder and not a pet store. Even though I love Jelly Bean I just don't know for sure if he was hand raised or how old he is. I've only just discovered that Jelly Bean is a he! I can't be sure but after molting he has a bright yellow face, red cheeks, and his tail feathers are starting to loose the barring. You never know, even the avian vet was wrong!

Jelly Bean can't talk but he does some great whistles! He can't whistle a song exactly but he does this cute little tune. Unfortunately he gets so excited he doesn't always complete the little tune or he mixes the notes up! His favorite pastimes are to sit on my shoulder and chew anything in site! He loves to chew on paper, the posters on my walls, my hair,the  curtains, my laptop if I let him! Yep all birds seem to love to "Help" you type. He loves to frustrate me by flying up to the curtains,the only place he is banned from! He will then sit up there chirping at me, and secretly laughing I'm sure, as I try to get him down. By now I've given up and just throw a blanket over the curtains so I don't have to worry about him wrecking them.

His favorite food would definitely have to be bird seed/millet.I've tried veggies, I've tried pellets but Jelly will stubbornly refuse them! I still haven't given up though!   I've managed to get him to eat some pellets but only if I hand feed them to him! He's such a fussy spoiled birdie! So far the veggies I've seen him eat are broccoli, a little carrot  and sometimes some dark green lettuce mixes.I've given him  birdie bread, peas, pumpkin, potatoes, salads, apples, banana's even brussel sprouts! I've also made some veggie skewers with lots of different things and I think they might make him catch on that he is meant to eat the veggies.

Jelly Bean always amuses me when I give him a bath, I always wait for a nice sunny day then he loves a warm mist.It's so cute how cockatiels spread out their wings and try and catch all of the spray! He also enjoys drying off in the sun. I have to stay with him because some creatures around here would love a cockatiel snack.Jelly Bean's favorite toys are gum leaves. They're great for any tiel, and I'm lucky since I live in Australia they're easy to find!  Another one is a toy that includes a bell, rope and little wooden fruits to chew. The variety of toys here in pet shops is pretty sad so I've now started making my own toys for him out of wooden beads, bells, raffia and whatever else I can find that's safe for birds. He loves them and it's also a lot cheaper! My favorite thing about him is how he gives me cute little tiel kisses when I take him out of the cage! 

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