Echo, Sharol's Sun Conure

Yes, this is Echo my Sun Conure. She was born 1-22-02 . I brought her home just 5 weeks later. I had to learn how to hand-feed her with a syringe. It was a very enjoyable experience. At that same time, BJ also reverted back to eating baby formula! They love that stuff so much, I still make them formula everyday and I leave it out on the counter for them to help themselves. It is healthy and what they don't finish my cats do. They also love it. Strange uhm?

Sun Conures can be very loud. Most of that is my fault. She screams when she wants something and I do as she pleases. So by spoiling her, I caused her to scream. Screaming is a learned behavior you either need to discipline or indorse as I have :-( With all the enjoyment I get from owning a Sun Conure, I am happy to put up with her screaming. I would rather have the screaming then not have her at all. She is very talkative and does says a few things like:"Take a bath,It is hot,(when she is around the food I eat), Bye Bye, Echo, Echo Tired,Quiet, Hello,Uhm Good(when she eats) and No bites."

Echo goes every where with me and my husband. She enjoys car trips as she watches the outside environment go by. Echo sleeps by my head each night. I have to make sure not to over sleep because I do not want her to get some sort of infection from not relieving her self enough. That's right. She has never gone to the bathroom while I sleep! She waits until I get up and I place her in the special litter pan that we made for her. Echo is an incredible little character!

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