Dino, Jen's Little Darling

My name is Dino.I'm an Alexandrine parakeet.Mom got me for Christmas. She had to buy me a big new cage with proper bars when I started destroying my first cage.  My tail will grow up to about 18" long and at around my 2nd birthday I will either get a black and pink ring around my neck which will mean that I am a male or the faint black markings I have now will fade and that will mean I am a female.I am happiest when I am left to do my own thing.  Mostly I like eat and sleep.  I also enjoy stripping willow branches and chewing up vast quantities of pine cones.  I especially like dropping pine cones onto the tray of my cage. It gives my family a big fright.

My favorite word is "Hmmmm" which I say in many different ways depending on my mood at the time.  I can say "Hello" and I'm working on a few other phrases but preferably when no one else is in the room.  I can bark like the dog and occasionally I make a trilling sound.  When I see my shadow on the wall I flap my wings at it and shriek loudly but it just won't go away. I growl if my mother is doing something I really don't like such as changing my water bowl or covering my cage up at night.  I also give her my most evil glare so she knows I really don't approve.

I am an early-to-bed bird. My bed time was at 8 o'clock but now I stay up to 9 o'clock although I am very grumpy and DO NOT want to be handled then.  I am quiet in the mornings until my cover is taken off my cage but then I must have my breakfast before anyone else.  I especially like toast and lime marmalade for breakfast.  I also expect to share any food item or drink that any member of the household has during the day.My cage is open all day and I have a big play area on top as well as a stand with food bowls that I expect to be kept full at all times. My favorite things to eat are pistachio nuts, spaghetti, soy milk, McDonalds fries, pretzels, corn on the cob, broccoli and lightly steamed carrot sticks.

My people insist on having me step up on them all the time and they even stroke my feathers which I really don't like but put up with. I really like to fly down from my cage and stalk the dog and the cats and give them a little nip.  They all live in fear of me except for the newest member of the family, an 8 month old Persian kitten.  She even dares to climb into the bottom of my cage and gets stuck under the grating.  I try very hard to bite her but can't quite reach.  I'll get her one day though.I enjoy having my friend Spike the cockatiel visit but I'm not sure about his mother Jan.  She makes me step up lots and isn't intimidated by my big red beak. 

Dino is so big and green and beautiful that I fell in love with him straight away.  He is mostly quiet and undemanding but still has a lot of personality.  He loves being talked to and having people around him.  He is getting more confident and responsive all the time.  He surprises us with sudden outbursts of playfulness and vocalizations.  Alexandrines are well known for being placid birds with an aversion to swings however Dino's proved to be the exception from the rule - his favorite toy is a swing and he's not afraid to nip if you are annoying him.  In fact he doesn't need an excuse!  But we love him anyway.

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