Daffodil, Valerie's Other Cockatiel

Hi, my name is Daffodil! I am a very pretty Lutino cockatiel .Yes, I do have a little bald spot on the back of my head,(Lutino Baldness).........but, we don't talk about that! I will be having my 2nd birthday next Spring, when my buddy, Pretty Bird celebrates his 3rd birthday! My Mama and Dad got me in June of 2001! I was their only child, until they brought home Pretty Bird in February of 2002! Well, I wasn't really happy about it, but I have since learned that Mama and Dad pay just as much attention to me as they did in the past.It's also kind of fun having a little scruff-ball, like Pretty Bird follow me around wherever I go!

I was on a seed diet, but was recently converted to pellets! I love to "Dine Out" of my cage with Pretty Bird. We get to eat breakfast (or lunch or dinner) with our parents quite often. My favorite other foods are green onions, parsley, bell peppers, carrots, bananas, white rice, pasta, and others. I have a reputation for flying into the kitchen whenever anybody has food, because I usually have to sample it! I am pretty quiet for the most part, but I always greet my Mama or Dad with a friendly chirp when they get home. Sometimes I will do a very loud chirp or squawk to get their attention. I love to travel around on my parents shoulders or head, hang upside down from my perches and annoy Pretty Bird! I also love it when my Dad wears Hawaiian shirts!

I like to be groomed around my head and ears. When I eat my "pellet soup" I usually get pellets stuck all over my beak, and I love to have my Mama clean it off!I also love to take showers with my Mama - or sit on the shower ledge and preen! At night, I sit on the far end of my perch, right next to where Pretty Bird sleeps (in his cage). I sleep pretty lightly and whenever I hear my Mama or Dad get up in the middle of the night, I always give a small chirp to say good night! I wake up in the morning to hear Pretty Bird chirping his head off, and then Mama comes to let us out of our cages!Our parents are self-employed, so sometimes Mama will take a day off and spend it with us! I love all of the fun time that we spend with our parents!

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