Lori's Bubba, the Friendly Ghost

Bubba is our Umbrella Cockatoo. He hatched on May 24, 2000 and was hand raised by a woman named Michelle who owns a pet store.She and her family have become very special friends of ours. We were out of town for the day and as usual headed straight for the pet store. They have several varieties of exotic birds and we had wanted an Umbrella Cockatoo for a LONG time. We just never found the right one. We walked in on December 2, 2000, and there was Bubba. We bonded with him immediately and he took right to myself, husband and son, Robert! He was weaned and eating good and ready to go!!

We spent several hours with him and talking to his hand raiser, Michelle. We asked her to get all the information together for him, price, cage, food...etc. and we would go right next door to the Chinese Restaurant to eat and discuss Bubba.  The wall of the restaurant had a common wall with the pet shop and when we were given our fortune cookies mine said, "Happiness is close to you!". Just as I showed the fortune to my husband, we heard Bubba through the wall start squawking. We looked at each other and said, "We are taking Bubba HOME!"

We went next door and showed the fortune to Michelle and told her we wanted him. It was difficult for her to part with him. She had been his Momma since hatching so there were alot of tears as we left the store for the hour ride home! He rode on my lap the whole way while I rubbed his head and talked to him!! 

Bubba is now almost 2 and one-half years old and is still a big "Cuddler"! He loves anyone who holds him and rubs his head. He likes to give kisses to our daughter, Michelle, and lay on his back in your arms as you hold him like a baby and scratch his tummy. He also loves to play with his whiffle ball on the floor. We roll it and  he chases it then throws it in the air.

When the sun goes down it becomes "Birdie Happy Hour" as all of the birds get spunky and very vocal! Bubba runs back and forth on his tree with his crest up and throws his head up and down while laughing and screaming!! Then he goes to his rope swing and hangs upside down! When we say "Bubba, Quiet Down!", he stops and in the tiniest voice says, "Hello Big Bird"! He also says, "Hi Bubba, I Love You, Hellllooooo, Hi Baby" and a combination of the phrases! When he speaks, he does it very softly, but when he is laughing or screaming...PLUG YOUR EARS!!!

Happy Hour usually lasts about 15 minutes with all 4 of our "Big Kids" shouting out their hello's to each other, from Bubba's tiny "hello", then Scooter's (Congo African Grey) loud wolf whistle followed by HELLLOOO and Kelly's (Lilac Crowned Amazon) loud, high pitched Hello and finally Mac's (Blue & Gold Macaw) low and quick HI! (Mac is just learning to talk, but the others are teaching him quickly!) Once things calm down, they are ready for treats. Bubba's favorite foods are apples, almonds, wheat toast and string cheese. He also likes fresh green beans, carrots and peas in the pod! He has brought such joy into our life and does so many amusing antics, we just cannot imagine life without him amongst our flock of feathered family members!!

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