BJ,Sharol's Little Atlantic Swimmer

My name is BJ. I'm a male Cockatiel who lives in Key Largo Florida. One day about a  year ago, I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast! My new humans saw me and rescued me. They picked me up and dried me off.These new humans made such a fuss over me! They brought me to  my new home and it's a great pad. Wish I could show you. I have so many great toys!. Tweetie Bird is my favorite. Now I have it made. It sure beats swimming in the ocean! I don't remember how I got in that water, but I have never returned to that clammy ocean again. 

I do not have to spend very much time in that darn cage, but I do have to go in that cage when those humans say no and start pointing the finger! I am on my rope now. It hangs from a fan and is suspended at the foot of my human's bed. It's my favorite place because those three cats can't bother me there.I even sleep there at night while my humans are asleep.  It is so much fun to shower with those humans. That's when I  practice my songs. When I see them there, I get to whistle "HOO, hoo." It makes their cheeks turn the same color as mine! Isn't that nice? 

BJ is a real trooper with the other animals I have. He is a sweet but spoiled little bird. I canít get him away from the mirrors in my house. He plays in front of them endlessly. He even gets a little ruff with himself as he pecks back at his own image and starts stomping his feet. For the most part, he sings to himself looking into the mirrors. He loves anything shinny and silver. I think it is because he can see his image back with things like silver pans, silverware, and scissors. He approaches these things and presses his beak against them and starts singing away. 

BJ  was my first bird. I loved him so much I wanted more of that. So I got another bird, a Sun Conure named Echo. The 2 of them are the best of friends. We then added a third bird to our family, a Black Cap lory named Tango.   Tango has special needs as all Black Cap lory birds do. Domination is the key factor BJ has with Tango. BJ has no problem standing up to Echo when the situation arises. Tango is so sweet that she never means to pull rank,but it happens anyway. We are still working on helping them to get along with each other.

BJ does not speak any words but he is very good at imitating sounds in the house such as  the microwave, telephone beeps & rings, computer tones, and certain sounds he hears on the TV. He reproduces them with good clarity. He is also very affectionate. If he is not playing with the mirrors he is perching himself on my shoulder and rubbing his little head against my face looking for a petting. He closes his eyes and turns his head every which way, and lifts his head for me to scratch under his chin. He is very musically oriented. He enjoys music and has a good talent for keeping up the beat with his head bobbing while he whistles along. BJ is perfectly comfortable with other people and not shy at all. He is full of personality and very cheerful. BJ is the joy of my life. He's my cockatiel of the month every month!

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