Lori's Little Angels

Our "feathered family" consists of 33+ birds and 2 eggs! 19 Cockatiels, (four babies hatched last week), 8 Parakeets, 2 Fischer Lovebirds, one Canary and 4 parrots (1 Umbrella Cockatoo, 1 African Grey, 1 Lilac Crowned Amazon, and 1 Blue and Gold Macaw). We love each and every one of our birds. Each one has its own amazing personality. We have a lot of "second hand birds" or "pet shop rescues" as we call them. Many were badly mistreated and then just discarded when their owners no longer wanted them. We bring them home and spoil them rotten....my family claims the birds eat better than they do!!! (They are probably right too!!)

I soon decided that I wanted to breed birds. Even with all the work, disappointments and sorrow, something like these angels hatching makes it so worthwhile. It takes your breath away!! I was determined and wanted to do this so badly.I have learned so much and I wouldn't trade this experience in for anything. I was so afraid I would do something wrong, but it is very much like raising a child. The babies are totally dependent on you. You read, talk to others and get as much information as you can but in the end, it all boils down to hands on experience! No two babies are the same so there are no hard and fast rules, just a lot of common sense and doing your best...and ALOT of long hours, worrying, cleaning and more worrying. Then your little one fledges for the first time and you panic as it crashes into a wall on his maiden flight and two flights later, he is doing a perfect landing on your curtain rod as you applaud and finally exhale! Just like a child!!!

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