More Beautiful Birds,November 2002

Harold is a green female budgie. She was bought as a cage mate for Leo, who passed away in August. She's a comical little thing & very chatty. She's getting tamer and will tolerate you stroking her stomach before barking at you & bolting. Harold zooms around the house and LOVES her new friend Oscar. Oscar, a blue male budgie, was bought about a month ago. He is a big hit with Harold. She kissed & preened him the night he was brought home for her.He's very sweet & beautifully colored. His wings are still clipped but a rope perch has been set up so he can climb up to the cage from the floor. Shannon said, "I love his chirp-it's COMPLETELY different than Harold's."

Valerie has sent us another pictures of Pretty Bird and Daffodil.She said "When the sun comes up Pretty Bird makes sure that everybody in the house wakes up by whistling, talking, and chirping his head off!" Their Mama takes them out of the cage to have breakfast with her. This is a picture of them eating Cream of Wheat and bananas, one of their favorite foods. Valerie said "They just love to throw food all around." After breakfast they sit on the shower ledge and preen while Mama takes her shower! They stay inside of their cage when she goes to work, but when she comes home, they get lots of attention and playtime.

This lovable bird's name is George. He was adopted by Shannon a little over two years ago. George belonged to two small boys who lost interest in him after getting a puppy. He is very sociable and loves to hang out ON you but will only let you pet him by rubbing your chin on his head. He says "Pretty bird," "Here you go, birdie," and "Hello pretty bird." He's taken to imitating the neighbors sprinkler in the summer, which is hilarious! He's also Shannon's answering machine message-pretty bird, kiss, kiss, kiss, pretty bird. This confuses the telemarketers, but anybody who familiar to the family, knows they have the right number!

Romeo is a teen-aged cinnamon pied cockatiel and he said,"Have you ever wondered why a caged bird sings? Well, I have a lot to sing about and a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I live in a spacious condo built especially for busy, curious birds like me. I have lots fancy gizmos and low-tech gadgets to entertain me. I also have many feathered and human friends to play with every day. I eat like a prince - enjoying every kind of delicacy a bird can imagine. I bathe and preen whenever I feel like it. Right now, I am practicing up on singing and whistling* so I'll be ready to impress the prettiest little lady bird on the block. My humans are quite impressed by my handsome appearance, my cocky ways and my charm as I serenade my lady-bird friends. How could life be better than this?
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Yours trill-y, Romeo!"

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