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Sadie and Rachael belong to Casey. Rachael has already been in Birds of the Month. Now it's Sadie's turn. Sadie, a female, is the bird on the left. Casey said, "My new baby girl is very shy but I'm working with her. She was given away by someone who didn't have the patience to train her. She was brought to me in a finch cage! That's not a good start. Sadie's wings were a mess and so where her nails and beak. She bites a little and is a little skittish but she will be fine. Rachael my male bird is starting to adjust to her. I have had Sadie for a week now and she loves us. The big perch that's on top of Rachael's cage is where they spend the day until bed time. I love them both!"

Dee owns this beautiful bird, whose name is Vinny. She said, " We saw Vinny at the breeder's house when he was just 3 weeks old. It was love at first sight so I applied to adopt him. I brought Vinny home in a new, big cage when he was just a whipper snapper, 5 weeks old. Every night, he would fall asleep on my chest, snuggled beneath my hands. Vinny cried a little when he saw children on TV. I guess it reminded him of the family who had him before I did. Vinny can talk. He can say "Go night-night; Mommy Will Get You a Dwink; Night-Night I love you and Mommy; Go Bye-Byes, Mommy be Back!" When I wind up a music box for him and night and he falls asleep. I read books to Vinny but he's only interested in the pictures and turning the pages. Vinny has a toy box where he has lots of toys to play with. However, his favorite toy is "The US Mail". He cries for it so I give him a post card to drag and flip across the carpet. I do So Mommy gives me a post card and I drag it and flip it across the carpet. Vinnie's birthday is coming up on Dec 5th and he's getting lots of new toys. He gets bored with his toys so quickly. When I change his paper, he watches carefully to make sure I put them all back inside. If I drop one he says, "Ut oh!" Vinny is my beloved pet, my pal and my dearest companion. He is so lovable! It's so relaxing for me and him when I scratch his neck, ears and chin. "

Diesel owned by Angela  very handsome, normal gray, male cockatiel. She thinks he is about 5 years old. Valerie said," Dexter was surrendered to a local vet along with his best friend. She flew into a pot of boiling water and died from the infection in her feet. The vet kept Dexter until he could find him a good home. Dexter shares his life with a pretty lutino cockatiel named Daffodil. Daffodil recently lost her partner Pretty Bird when an unexpected visitor left the back door open. The 2 of them get along together very well and spend about 4 hours a day out of their cages under extremely close supervision. Dexter is a little afraid of fingers but will step up onto shoulders, heads or arms. He's quite a good hopper too! His feet are huge! We call him Little Snowshoe Boy. Although he is a bit of a seed lover, he is gradually being introduced to pellets. He does love greens, fruit and some grains. He doesn't talk or sing just yet but he loves to whistle his own little songs to Daffodil. I truly feel blessed to have this gentle, little bird in my life."

Leo and Shadow are both a little over a year old now.  Justine said this about her birds, "They are my precious babies and they love each other so much! Leo will sit on a perch and let Shadow groom him and Shadow will snuggle up to Leo at night when they are going to sleep. Leo is the Lutino on the right and Shadow is the pied on the left. This is their favorite place to sit when they are out of the cage. It's  right next to my computer. They will sit there for hours, Shadow will sing and encourage Leo too as well, even though Leo is usually quiet. They love to sit on my shoulder and Leo will sometimes sit on my chest and fall asleep. They both like to try and get food from my mouth when I'm eating, but I won't let them have any. I know it's not good for them. They love their seed treats. Shadow picks them up with his foot and eats them. Leo hasn't figured it out yet so he picks pieces off and lets it drop back into the bowl. Leo and Shadow love all of their toys. Shadow will ring a bell when he wants me to talk to him. Leo will bite shiny objects or explore toys with lots of objects on them. I love my little birds so much I couldn't imagine ever giving them away. "

Tammy sent us the picture of her beautiful bird Gimli. She never sent in a full story about her. Tammy did say, "This is my bird Gimli. He is a pearl cockatiel. I have had him for about 18 days. The picture was taken the first day I had him. He likes to bobb his head and he likes to tweet. I am 11 years old." We at CC hope that you and Gimli have many, happy, healthy years together Tammy!

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