Birds of the Month, Page 2, November 2004

Tweetie, a Cinnamon Pearl, is now owned by Michelle. She said, "Tweetie was purchased for my Aunt, who had been diagnosed with cancer on March 6, 2004. They thought that Tweetie would be good company and therapy for my Aunt while she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My Aunt tried to care for Tweetie  but in July she asked me to take Tweetie home to live with us. She knew that my kids would give Tweetie so much love and attention, especially my three year old daughter Erin who my Aunt had grown especially close to. She was right! Shortly after Tweetie moved in, he learned to how to do the wolf whistlel! Now he does it when I leave the room to let me know he does not want to be alone. We have tried to teach him how to say "Ciao, Bella" but he seems to respond and try to mimic "Hey baby" more often. He loves to cuddle and to have the top of his head scratched. Bath time is always fun. He likes to be misted and always stands straight up when you get the bottle out. He has a very good appetite and starts to whistle when he hears the microwave ring. He thinks every time it goes off that he is supposed to get some of whatever it is you have cooked. What a little piggy! His favorite toys are 9 year old Michael, 5 year old Adam and 3 year old Erin. He loves to play with them gently on the living room floor and occasionally leaves Michael "a present" when he lets him stand on top of his head too long. Michael has used a lot of shampoo since Tweetie arrived! My Aunt passed away July 28th but every time we look at Tweetie or hear him sing, we think of her and thank her for our beautiful new member of the family. We love his pretty wings and know that she now has pretty wings just like his!"

Julie said, "This is my baby Suki. We got Suki from a friend who raised cockatiels for years. When we first got Suki she wasn't in the best of shape. She was abandon in an apartment. When the people moved out, Suki was just left there. Our friend called us and asked if we wanted to help her. We jumped on it and said" YES of course". When we got her she was very underweight. Her leg band was so tight she now has permanent damage to her foot. Its been a long hard road but now she's in great shape, healthy and happy. We spoil her rotten. We love her. Suki has quiet a personality. She dances and plays for us all of the time. Her favorite thing to do is settle on your chest and snuggle under your chin. She wasn't a very affectionate bird when we first got her. It has taken about a year to get her to where she is now. She is a bit shy, but she's a sweetheart. Suki shows us everyday just how thankful she is we saved her life. We feel so blessed to have her."

Jerry and Tweety are owned by Andrea. She said, "I am a fairly new cockatiel owner. I have only had my 2 new birds for four weeks. These two birds have changed my life. I believe that they will help me learn how to be a good mother (someday). I am proud of my birds but don't find many other people interested in them at all (unless they are bird owners themselves). So, I guess this is a way to show off my newest family members. Tweety, in the background, is a cinnamon mutation, and Jerry, in the foreground, is a normal grey. They are 3 months old now and we have a lot of growing to do together. While I was at work, my boyfriend let the birds out of the cage to exercise and there was an accident. Tweety died. Although Jerry still eats, drinks and still gets excited to see his vegetables in the morning, he doesn't seem to play with his toys anymore. Tweety was the explorer. Jerry would follow Tweety playing with anything she touched. It has been a difficult week without Tweety. Thank you for the chance to show off my birds."

This is Kim's bird, Nike. She said," The new addition to our family was named NIKE, after the sportswear, because he was put inside of a sports shoebox to bring home. Nike is a pastel silver and is around 8 weeks old .We have only had him for a week but we already love him dearly. He is going to be a very spoiled little bird. I can give him kisses on the beak already and he loves snuggling into my chest while I watch TV. So far he only eats his seed mix. He is not keen on anything we offer him yet. I put some millet in his cage this morning so we'll see if he likes that. He listens very carefully with his little head cocked on the side to everything I say. Hopefully he will be a talker! Nike has already copied a whistle my kids and I do. So that's really cool. He loves sitting on my shoulder and in the front window watching the kids play outside. Most of the time he is gentle. I know he must be quite happy. His body language tells me so. My children and I are looking forward to many long years of enjoyment from our new darling friend! He is Gorgeous!!, Don't you think so too? "

These to adorable cockatiels belong to Terea .  Peaches is the bird on the left and Maggie is the one on the right, fanning out her tail feathers. Teara said, " Maggie will be 5 years old in December. She is very healthy despite being a bit smaller than most female cockatiels her age. She has a sweet disposition and loves to play and cuddle, as well as have a little time to herself to play. Her favorite toys are her bell and wooden rings. She also loves to dance, eat pasta, and shred up anything she can get her beak into. Her favorite time of day is when the sun is shining straight into our home, so she can have a bath and dry off with the sun  warming her up.  I purchased Peaches about a year an a half ago because I wanted another female companion for Maggie. Peaches was so young that he didn't have any male features yet. He was so sweet and friendly that I took him home. A few months later his face started yellowing and he began to mimic all sorts of sounds. It turned out that he was a male. So now he and Maggie are kept in separate cages side by side. They can still sing and talk to each other. Peaches doesn’t talk yet, but he mimics noises like brushing teeth, the whistling kettle, and squealing breaks. He also whistles songs like Mayberry and Pop Goes the Weasel. He loves to sing into Maggie’s ear. Maggie and her brother, Peaches, are two of my very best friends."

This is Marla's 8 gram baby cockatiel. Marla said this about him. "I named my 8 gram baby "Little Stuff" but for short we call him Stuffy. He is now 10 years old. As a breeder, Stuffy was the most darling little chick that I have ever raised. He was a real challenge. There were days I was so excited to see just a 1/2 gram weight gain. I began raising cockatiels and found this little chick constantly away from the hen. I brought him in and because we heated our home with a woodstove, I was afraid he would get cold. I slept with him at my Adam's apple covered by a wool afghan for two months. He was fed every two hours and  was handfed for 3 months until he started eating seeds.  Stuffy has become our clown, out of our forty other cockatiels. He talks as well as he whistles. I earned my "Degree" in breeding from Stuffy because he taught me so much and to never give up."

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