The Bird of the Month for June is Boomer.
Congratulations Boomer and Clarissa!
Here is Boomer's exclusive interview with Mama Bird.

Boomer said: Wow! Thanx for the honor: Clarissa (my 9-year-old lady person) is my proud owner. She is so proud that her Boomer (ME!) made bird of the month! My full name is Boomerang Boombox Reid. I don't know HOW they came up with this one. It beats me, but I'm glad she shortened it to Boomer. That's a word I could learn how to say, but certainly not the full name. Well, maybe I could try if they gave me enough treats!  I could be bribed.

 Let me tell you a few things about myself. I'm a 4-month-old female pied cockatiel. I'm very smart and love to talk to my humans. I'm already talking and can say things like "Come here" and "Kiss! Kiss!" The family's favorite thing is when I flap my wings and do my "Mighty iggle! (eagle)" impersonation. This makes them laugh and smile. I love to make Clarissa smile, because she is so good to me.

  I just love hanging out on our screen porch during the day and communing with my wild cousins: cardinals, blue birds, mockingbirds, etc...I wonder if I should try and learn how to sing like them? My all time favorite past-time is being snuggled by Clarissa. I just LOVE her so much and she LOVES ME TOO! It's great having your very own lady person!

  Clarissa said:  I'm so excited and proud that my bird won the Bird of the Month Contest. I'm going to show all of my friends his webpage.

  Mama Bird said:  I'm so happy I got to meet you Boomer! That is some name for a lady cockatiel! You must really be smart to be talking already, and books say the us ladies don't talk as well as the guy birds do. I guess it goes to show you, "Don't believe everything that you read." I really enjoyed talking with you Boomer. Congratulations to you and Clarissa!

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