Harley and Zeke, Birds of the Month, March 2002

Congratulations Zeke and Harley! Donna is the proud mommy of
these 2 adorable FIDS. While chatting over some cornbread and Nutriberries,
Zeke and Harley had this to say to Mama Bird:

Zeke said:

Harley is our gorgeous 7 month old tiel. She wants nothing more than cuddles from her mommy, and she is just darling when she tries to let mommy know she wants to get picked up, wiggling and lifting her shoulders in excitement. She could go on for hours with luxurious head and body skritches from mommy....but she is a one-person bird. She is so very bonded to mommy and is reluctant to go to others. We're working on that, though, and she is starting to accept daddy.

Harley,being the lady she is, is quiet and demure and has a one-noted female cockatiel whistle. However, she uses that one note well. If she sees mommy heading to the shower in the morning without her, she gets worried mommy will forget her and will start calling to mommy -- loud! Once she gets into the shower, she is happy, happy, happy. And when she takes a shower, she flaps her wings like a puppet to catch the drops. Oh, did I mention she loves the blow dryer as well? Just as fun!

Harley will let me skritch her head--quite an honor for me, and I worked hard for that privilege! Right around Christmas, Harley gave me the most wonderful privilege....she kissed me and she seemed to like me after that! There is more about this story at our homepage at: Birdsong

Harley said:

Zekie came to us the week of 9/11. His name "Ezekiel" means "Strength of God". Zekie was our therapy. When Zekie came to us, he had a serious bacterial infection within a month, that nearly took his life. Thanks to the skills of our avian veterinarian, modern medicine, and Mom's MasterCard credit line (ha ha) he was brought back to perfect health. He is our most lovable budgie. I think it is because he was "There and back" that he has so much love and wisdom. He sings with soft warbles, and is trying hard to talk...but we can't figure out what words he is saying yet...lots of interesting babble, though. Zekie is not a shower boy. He prefers to bathe in some wet sprigs of parsley. He's such a cute guy! He buries his face right in the green and flaps around in there with pure joy! It's hard not to laugh watching him.

Mommy said:

Zekie and Harley are quite the odd couple, but they have a very special understanding of each other. Neither pushes the other, and we can learn from their give and take.

Mama Bird said:

What a wonderful and entertaining pair of birds! You MUST VISIT their Website Birdsong and see more delightful picture of these birds that are now my friends!

Harley's Hideaway

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