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This is Twinkles. He's a 7 months old, male Lutino. "Twinkie" was hand raised by Linda's mother. He is very friendly, loves people and attention. Linda said "Twinkie" eats supper with us at the table. He has his own plate, although he insists on picking at everyone else's! He loves cereal and onion rings, but hasn't quite learned how to break open sunflower seeds yet.I buy him the shelled ones. He's so much fun to play with. If I get too far away from him, like across the room or down the hallway, he calls out to me. If I don't come back quick enough, he flies to me and then flies around my head until I put my hand up for him to land! I've been trying to teach him to do it on command now, with the word "Fly" He did it on command twice last night! Twinkles is adorable and I love him so much."

"Hello my name is Sammy! I am a beautiful,4 month old, white faced pearl cockatiel. I am a very good bird but still a little timid. My humans love me dearly. There are two cats in the house, but I get to come out of my cage everyday when they are locked in the other room. I'm learning to talk, like to whistle and give plenty of hugs and kisses. There are  lots of toys in my cage for me to play with. I like bells the most though. My favorite thing to do is eat. When I'm not eating a meal I like to snack on millet or look at the bird in the mirror. I wonder why he is in my cage but I'm nice to him and let him stay. After all he is a handsome little fella! Jodi said she  loves me dearly and  couldn't ask for a better companion."

Hissy and Pearl are Ellen's birds. Hissy is an older bird who was mistreated. He was missing some toes when she got him and he would bite. "I went to his cage daily,talked and whistle to him. One day I put my hand in the cage and he perched on it. I pet him and he finally learned that he could trust me. Now he is the most lovable bird. I got Pearl to keep Hissy company. I chose her because she is so beautiful. She will come to the door and hang there and watch me while I am online. I will talk to her and she will chirp back. Hissy and Pearl surprised me by having 2 babies, Honey and Muffin. The babies are now 72 days old and thriving." You can read about Ellen's breeding experience by clicking on Baby Birds, below.

These are Linda's other 2 birds, Lucy and Ricky. She calls them the Ricardos. "I Love Lucy" was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up and it just kinda fit!" Lucy came from San Antonio, TX. Linda was there on vacation and stopped at a pet store. Lucy's owner couldn't keep her anymore and she was for sale. She was already tame and came with the cage and everything. Rickie came from a pet shop in Oklahoma, where Linda lives. She fell in love with his color and bought him to keep Lucy company.

This is Jodi's other cockatiel Dolly, who is 3 months old. Jodi said,"Dolly is a very vocal bird. She loves to whistle and sing. When she hears a knock at the door, she will tell you to come in! She loves music and loves to dance. She has a mirror in her cage and tries to share her toys with the bird in it. Dolly also has a swing. She had a little trouble with it at first, often hanging upside down trying to get off. Now she has mastered the skill. She gets the cats in a lot of trouble. If they are in the same room she yells until they are taken out. She's only allowed out of the cage when they are locked in the other room. Jodi said that Dolly is a joy. She is loved by the entire family and gives them snuggles and kisses."

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