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Mark sent us this picture of the family's newest addition, Babes. Mark said, "Babes has brought us great joy. Not only is she very friendly but she's very loving too. Every time she's let out of her cage, which is as soon as someone gets home, she asks for kisses and wants you to stroke the top of her head. For some reason she always flies onto either my head or shoulder as soon as I get in from work and stays there until bedtime. I even have to eat my dinner with her perched on my shoulder. We are all overjoyed with her and cannot see ourselves without her."

  This is Romeo, Linda's first cockatiel. Linda said, "When we walked into the pet store, Romeo just looked at me with those baby eyes of his that said, "Come on now, you know you're never going to leave here without me," and he was right! From then on I was hooked. Romeo never fails to cheer me up when I'm down or laugh with me when I'm happy. My friends are so amazed at how much personality he has. He can sure be a stinker when he wants to be, stealing the food right off your plate when you're not looking. His favorites are mashed potatoes and fruit rings cereal. Romeo's my baby and I spoil him rotten. It's those eyes! I can't deny him anything. He's allowed to roam the house when I'm home. He also loves to be on my chest where he can get 'Lovins' or in the kitchen gazing at his reflection in my stock pot saying "Pretty bird" and "Love you". Romeo doesn't have an ego problems! He is so smart and has been from the beginning. When he hears a dog, he barks back sounding just like the schnauzer that lived next door to us. We now have 3 cockatiels. I love them all dearly but Romeo is still my "Special" one and always will be."

Gypsy, a female cinnamon pied, and Joey, a normal gray male, belong to Alison. She said, "Joey  was not hand-reared. Earning his trust has been a slow but rewarding process. He loves his food and will do anything for a sunflower seed. He is very cheeky and loves to be the center of attention. He loves to sing at the top of his voice, especially first thing in the morning. I often refer to him as the noisiest bird in the world. I love his little songs and wouldn’t have him any other way. Gypsy was a lost bird that was given to me. The lady who found her tried to find Gypsy’s owners, but had no luck. She knew that I had a very spoiled and pampered cockatiel so asked if I would be able to take this one too. I also tried to find Gypsy’s owners but had no luck either. Joey took an instant liking to her. She is very different than Joey. Gypsy has a very gentle, sweet nature. She hardly makes a sound except when she hears my keys when I return home from work. She calls out to me as if to say “Hello, I’m glad your home”. I love that and look forward to it everyday. Unlike Joey, Gypsy prefers to  sit on my shoulder and pull my earrings or sit on my chair and have her head scratched. Joey and I love Gypsy very much. We’re so glad that she’s part of our family."

This is Bethanie's cockatiel. Her name is Fizz. Bethanie has 6 cockatiels all together. She said, "Fizz has 5 babies, 4 boys and 1 girl. All of the babies are 6 weeks old. We have four boys, called Beckham, Ronaldo, Spike and Pilchard. The girl is named Izzels. Each one of my birds is very different. Beckham is good at tricks. Ronaldo is shy. Spike is a pain, always trying to sneak a bite of my potato chips.  Pilchard is always around you and wants you to tickle him. Izzels is just like her mum. She always wants you to take her out of her cage. Fizz is my main cockatiel and she has to show her sons and daughter what to do. Fizz always runs up and down her perches trying to get attention when guests come round. When she wants to get out of her cage she rings her bell that has her name on it. Fizz got her babies from my friend's cockatiel. His name is Bell boy."

This young cockatiel's name is Chirp and she belongs to Traci. She said, "Chirp is a hand reared baby and we did not know she could fly yet. We had the door open as well as her cage door. Suddenly she just took off and out the door she went. We saw her fly across the road and over a tree. Then we lost sight of her. We were in tears because we thought we would never see her again!!!! The next day we started handing out pamphlets about our lost bird.We walked our neighborhood looking for her. My mom and I were calling her. All of a sudden we heard her whistling. It sounded like she was saying chirp. (That's where her name came from). A man from down the road helped us by climbing up a huge palm tree trying to get her. As  soon as he reached out to grab her she flew away. Eventually she landed in our neighbors yard. We caught her and the first thing we did was clip her wings. She is a wonderful bird with a very special character. We are very lucky cockatiel owners because we have her back."

This is Jenna's little sweetheart, Shrumin' Sunshine. Jenna said, "I have had the delight of his friendship for two years now. When I went to pick out a cockatiel, he was the first one that I picked up out of a bunch. He was so relaxed.  He began to stretch and then hopped onto my shoulder. That was it. He was mine. I've been in love ever since. His favorite thing to do is to cuddle under his Momma's chin and let her rub his neck. Shrumin' Sunshine's favorite foods are broccoli and Cheerios. His favorite toy is paper of any kind. He can play with it for hours. Shrumin doesn't make much noise or sing like other cockatiels, but that's quite alright. He definitely lets you know when he's ready for your attention. I just wanted to convey my love for my cockatiel Shrumin'. "

Rockey and Rascal are owned by Mary and her daughter Amy. Mary said, "We got both birds in 2002. We bought Rascal from a local breeder who told us she's a boy. We rescued, Rockey from a lady that I worked with. Rockey was very neglected. They wanted to get rid of him because they didn't like his whistling!  He was never allowed out of his small cage. When we picked him up he didn't have any food or water, his cage was filthy and his nails were so long one toe had started to curl. He immediately warmed up to us and Rascal. Although he still doesn't like to be held, he loves being with us and sitting on our shoulders. Rockey doesn't talk, but he whistles the wolf whistle and the Andy Griffith Theme. Rascal is just as her name says. She is very mischievous and likes to get into everything. She loves to play with us and Rockey,  Rascal loves her head scratched, and showers. They both love playing on their ball and play gym, their treats and millet seed. Rascal has taught Rockey to like veggies.  The pair have hatched two clutches of three eggs. One baby in each clutch died. Both birds are great parents, especially Rockey. He's a wonderful daddy."

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