Beautiful Birds,March 2003

We received a few photographs of birds without biographies. If you are the owner of one of these precious angels, please email me one or 2 paragraphs about your bird so it can be added. 

This adorable, drenched baby's name is Monty and he belongs to Sharon. Monty has apparently just finished bathing!Sharon, please send me some information about him so I may put it next to his picture.
This is Daffodil, one of my favorite online cockatiels! Valerie has been kind enough to share so many beautiful pictures of her birds with us. Daffodil is featured on our puzzle page this month. If you have never tried doing an online puzzle, go for it! Wait until you see the other picture of Daffodil there! The puzzle script takes awhile to download, so please be patient. You can read all about Daffodil in the October Birds section.
These darlings are named Sparky, the cockatiel, and Buddy, the parakeet. Sparky was featured in February's Birds of the Month, but Carol didn't tell us about Buddy.
This angel's name is w00t. His name has something to do with computers. I don't understand it even though Lydia explained it to me. In any event, it's a very original name!Lydia, please send us some information about your baby.

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CLICK HERE to view the award you will receive for sending us a photograph of your bird. You do not have to have a website to receive this.If you receive an award and do display it on a website, please link it back here.

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