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Marshmallow, Shmee and Cinnamon Bun are owned by Connie.  She said, "Cinnabun is a female. She is now 8 months old. I had rescued her from a local cockatiel breeder that had too many cockatiels in a thin door-wide cage. She was not hand-fed, but still has a sweet nature even after her bad experience at the breeder's house. Shmee  is my other female cockatiel. She is now 10 months old. She was given to me  as a gift from my grandma. Shmee was hand fed by my grandma when she just practically hatched. The father would  peck at the babies' heads making them bald. Luckily Shmee was taken out before she became bald on the back of her head. She is very cuddly. Even though she was handfed she would bite very hard. Marshmallow, a male is the king of my three and he's the oldest. He is now 16 months old. I received him as a birthday gift from my grandma. She had caught two cockatiels in her back yard on an old cage. They decided to breed and Marshmallow is one of their babies. I love Marshmallow for his personality. What he would do for a hen he does to me! He flips his head up side down then I rub my head against his. He just loves that!  He "helps" me get ready for school in the morning. He loves to  watch me brush my teeth. He starts bobbing up and down and makes  a brushing sound. I just love them all!"

These three babies belong to Linda. They're names are Uno, LilE and Lil Buzz. Linda said, " I'm so proud of these babies. They are the first clutch I have helped to  raise. Mom and dad have been very good parents. Their mom's name is Patches and she is a yellow lutino. Their dad's name is Elvis. He is a gray and white cockatiel. They have both been very good about taking turns feeding, cleaning and taking care  of their babies. I'm thrilled because being a new breeder,  I couldn't get the parents to nest anywhere  except on the cage floor. Lo and behold I have three very pretty and healthy baby birds. My son has built them a wonderful aviary which they will all move into after the babies get a bigger. I am very happy to be able to share my story with others." 

This is Kakazote, Madeline's 6 months old cockatiel. She took this photo for Cockatiel Cottage's Holiday Party for Birds, December 2004. The party was held at our Message Board. Madeline said, 'Kakazote is a very spoiled bird. He didn't mind putting on his Christmas sweater at all for this holiday photo. I have never been owned by a bird before and I am thoroughly enjoying it. His antics are so amusing.  Kakazote whistles and talks all day long. When someone comes into the room he says "Hello, wanna eat?" or he'll say "Wadda ya doin ?"  When I take him out of his cage in the morning he says "Pucker up - gimme kisses".  His breakfast demands are simple, scrambled egg with English muffin! The vet said it was OK as long as the eggs aren't fried.  I cook them in the microwave without butter. It's healthier for both of us! Kakazote loves to have his head and neck scratched and he loves to have his tummy kissed! He peeps when he's the happiest. He also loves riding in the car and whistles and dances to the radio. He is truly a very special bird who is loved a lot. I look forward to having a  long, happy relationship with him."

Zoey and Angel are Marissa's 2 new birds. She said, "Zoey was a gift from my friend Emily. Zoey is a very curious bird. She likes to explore my room and look at all of the things in it.  She likes to give me kisses and loves to nibble on silver things especially my rings. She likes taking showers with me and eating with me. When Zoey is sitting on my shoulder she tries to eat my earrings but I pull her away before she gets to them. She likes music. When I play it on my computer she goes right over to the speaker and listens.  Angel is a pearl cockatiel. When I first got her she allowed me to put her on my finger with no problem. She is a sweet bird and doesn’t bite, Angel seems to like guitar music. When I play it on my computer she chirp's loudly. She eats the cockatiel fancy gourmet pellet/ seed diet. She likes all the blue colored foods, I'm guessing her favorite color is blue then, just like me! I think she's still a little nervous around me. She runs away from my hand when I try to pick her up to put her back into her cage. Both Zoey and Angel are my little angels!"

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