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Sara sent us these pictures of her cockatiels, Toby and Rudy. Sara said, "Toby is gray, yellow and white. He's 6 months old. He was afraid of people when we bought him. He didn't know what life with people was all about. Now he likes to fly and land on your head. He really enjoys doing this. After we had Toby for 3 months, we bought him a companion. Rudy is yellow and white. He isn't afraid of people at all. Rudy comes right up to the door of the cage and looks around. He really likes it if you give him a piece of your hair to play with. He grabs it with his foot. Toby and Rudy are a very nice couple! I love them both very much."

This is Helen's cockatiel,Texas. Helen said, "For some reason, Texas decided that being a bird wasn't for her and that she would rather be a guinea pig. This led to her beautiful white tail being chewed off by her curious, un-feathered siblings. Texas preferred to eat, live, play and sleep with the 9 piggies rather than with the birds. When she was with me she would snuggle into my neck, under my hair, under my collar and have a nap. She also loved being wrapped up in a "Blankie." This all changed when Tex hit 8 months and her hormones kicked in. She went nest crazy so we had to move her in with the breeders. She laid one clutch of 5 eggs. We "Planted" another under her and that single egg was the only one to hatch. She hasn't been successful at breeding yet but she proven herself to be a very diligent egg sitter. She should have beautiful babies someday because of her gorgeous coloration."

Helena sent us this marvelous picture of her bird Luke  enjoying a shower! Helena said, "Luke is our baby and our first bird. We are just learning together. We have had Luke about 3 months and think he is about 5 months old. We say he, but are not sure because he did not have a  DNA blood test. We aren't even sure if he is a normal gray, pied, pearl or any other of the kinds. Anyway, he is a real sweetie who very much loves to be babied. If he sees you walk by he tells you he is a pretty bird. Then he does the wolf call so that you will come get him. We are working on trying new foods. He still eats mostly seeds but we will expand as he gets older. Luke is very loving but a little scared sometimes. He is brother or sister to my 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy. We love Luke very much!"

The little angel belongs to Kim and his name is Kozmo. Please notice that Kozmo is wearing a special leash made for birds when they go outside. NEVER take your bird outside, even with clipped wings, unless it's wearing a bird safety harness like Kozmo is wearing. Kim said, "In some ways he really is an angel. Kozmo was not my original choice for a bird. I bought his sister named, Cheeko. On the fifteenth day I had her she died. There was a fifteen day warranty on all birds from this breeder and I was allowed to pick out a new bird. I was upset about losing the little bird of only two weeks but when I put my hand in the enclosure for cockatiels, a little one leapt up onto my hand and fearlessly crawled onto my shoulder. I put him back but he followed me around in his cage. From then on we have not been separated. Kozmo loves to do many things and occasionally goes to an assisted living facility as a therapy bird. He always wears his Flight Suit and leash when we go outside to keep him safe. Kozmo doesn't talk but he does give kisses and can run an obstacle course. He's truly an angel!"

This little bird's name is Paulie an he belongs to Chris. Chris said, "Paulie shares his home with 2 other cockatiels, Precious and Pattie. Pattie has been here since last summer but Precious just came to live with us around Christmas time. I think Paulie liked it better when it was just him. He got all of the attention. Last summer Paulie really scared us. He escaped and was gone for 3 days and 3 nights. We looked high and low for him and were very sad. We put an ad in the newspaper, hoping someone would find him. One day a lady found Paulie on her porch. He was just chirping away. She didn't know what to do with him so she called the vet's office. The vet had seen our ad in the newspaper so he gave her our phone number. Fortunately we got Paulie back home, safely. To this day, Paulie does not sing like he did before getting lost although he still sings Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off To Work We Go. I'm so thankful we have him back."

Carolyn said, "This is Gobo, my little sweetheart! She is a 6 year old, hand-fed, female Pearl. I was looking for another bird to keep my Quaker Parakeet, Wicket, company while I was out. I never actually picked her out of the clutch. She picked me out as her new owner!! While I was talking to the breeder, near the cage with the cockatiel family, Gobo left the cage and walked over to me. She climbed up my arm, onto my shoulder and then just sat there. I knew she was going to be mine as she also must have known. I'm so honored that she chose me to be her owner. She has bonded very closely with me. I wasn't able to teach her to talk but she does love the wolf-whistle. She loves getting her head scratched, receiving my attention, and joining in when I'm eating dinner. Gobo doesn't like to come on my finger when I offer it. She'd rather come to me when she wants to. She does follow me around the house like I'm the leader of the flock and is included in most of my activities, including shower/bath time. Gobo is very special to me."

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