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Custard passed away on April 10th,2003  and lived in Thailand. Kung adopted her when she was about 2 months old.  On April 7th, 2003, Custard escaped outside and was attacked by a cat. She was bitten in 3 places. Kung said,"I didn't think she would die. I never thought that this would happen to me, to my lovely cockatiel. The morning she died, she laid on her cage floor. I talked to her. I called  her name "Custard". She almost fell asleep that moment, asleep forever. When she heard my voice calling her name, she tried to open her eyes up to look at me. I held her into my hand then she was gone. I can't believe that she would go very suddenly. She was only almost 7 months old, my lovely cockatiel. While you have a chance please care for your birds the best you can."

NOTE: Cats carry a bacteria in their salvia called Pasteurella. It is harmless to humans but lethal to pet birds. The bacteria multiples rapidly and causes death within 24-48 hours. If you bird is ever biten or clawed by a cat, please take it to an avian veterinarian for emergency treatment which can save your bird's life. To read more about cats and this bacteria, CLICK HERE

This is Corky. She was given to Karen as a gift 6 years ago.  She was bought as a male, but turned out to be a female! It did not take long for Karen to fall in love with her. Karen said,"Corky is so lovable and alert. She knows her name the sound of my car and husband's truck. She starts screaming when we enter. If I sleep late, she will fly up to my bedroom and wake me up, usually by 7:00 AM. Sometimes she will fly into the shower with me.  Her favorite table food is mash potatoes. She can smell them while they are cooking and hangs around the kitchen until they are done.She is also great for picking off every sesame seed on bread. Peanuts are another one of her favorite foods.If I leave peanuts out on the table, she will get every one of them and make a big mess. She get so playful, and loves buzzing us while in flight.  Corky gets along great with my dog Jake. When they were young they both ate oatmeal out of the same dish in the morning. For such a little creature, she is so sweet and smart." 

The pet shop owner advised Cheryl not to breed her 2 pet cockatiels, but to buy a 2nd pair just for breeding. Cera and Spike had never been pets and were sold as breeders. Cheryl put them in a quiet room so they would not be disturbed by household activity. She only went into the room to feed them and clean their cages. After moving Cera and Spike into a larger cage  they started to mate and laid 3 eggs. Cheryl's other pair of birds abandoned their 4 eggs, so she acted quickly before the eggs got cold and put them in with Cera and Spike's eggs. Only one of the 3 eggs that were fostered to them survived and baby Sammy was born. They very good parents to Sammy and cared for him as if he was their own!

Frosty is an Albino cockatiel and belongs to Catherine. Catherine, who lives in Australia, said, " Frosty has ruby red eyes and is very tame. She loves coming out of her cage and enjoys going into the aviary to visit my other cockatiels. She also loves to travel on my shoulder and chew at anything in her path- from earrings to bits of food from her owner's  plate.I bought Frosty as a baby from a breeder. She was not very tame when I got her but from the attention she received she grew into a beautiful and tame bird. I am thinking of breeding her with another albino or a white faced male because I love white faced cockatiels.  I hope to have baby Frostys in the future. Frosty is a truly a beautiful bird!"

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