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This is Gabby, Tasha's 5 month old Cinnamon-Pearl-Pied cockatiel. Tasha said, "I have wanted a cockatiel for a long time. It was love at first sight when  I found Gabby! When I brought him home I was so happy that I couldn't stop smiling at all that first week. After one week I took him back to the breeder for his one week weigh in. He had lost 25% of his body weight. I was so scared! While at my house he ate like a pig! The breeder decided to keep Gabby for a week to make sure that he ate well. He gained all of his weight back the first two days with the breeder. The breeder's theory was that Gabby lost the weight because of stress. Today, Gabby is healthy and at a good weight. Gabby's favorite foods are cheerios, oatmeal, fruit, toast, pellets, and tons more! His hobbies include singing and yacking (that is how he got his name!), dancing, playing, and socializing. He is out of his cage at least 5 hours a day (if not more) and loves to sit on my shoulder when I do homework. I love Gabby so much!"

NOTE: When purchasing a young cockatiel, ask how long it has been eating entirely on its own. Cockatiels should be eating completely on their own, without supplemental handfeedings for 2 weeks before they are considered fully weaned."

This is picture of Barbara's pretty, little blue pet budgie. His name is  "BOID". Barbara said, "He is a sweet bird and I love him very much. My grandson gave him to me a few months ago. I don't know how old he is but I hope he lives with me until I leave this world. He loves music and guess what his favorite music is, Old School Rock and Roll. He gets so excited that he dances along with the music.  He's so happy he starts chirping and singing along with it, bobbing his head up and down while stepping back and forth on his perch. He will not get on my fingers yet but I am still working on that. He loves to be baby talked to and will close his eyes and softly chirp. He also loves his bath or shower and loves to be blow dried with the hair dryer on low. He will almost fall asleep with it blowing on it at times. He turns his body towards the dryer where he needs it most. He is so cute. I love my little "Boid"."

Sunny is Tasha's other 5 month old cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel. She said, "Every morning he greets the day by chirping loudly until I get up. I usually start my day by making him his favorite foods (oatmeal, cheerios, toast, beans, and many, many more.) He will eat practically anything! He loves to be downstairs most of the time so he can socialize. Whenever I am at home he insists that he be out and loves to take turns on everybody's shoulder. So far he can only wolf whistle but I am teaching him more. When I first brought Sunny home from the breeder he refused to eat. I brought him back to weigh him and we found out that he lost 25% of his body weight. I was so scared for him! The bereeder decided to keep him for another week. When I came back to get him he regained all of his weight. Today, he is eating very well. Sunny is the best thing that ever happened to me and I can't imagine life without him!"

Donna is the proud owner of these 2  cockatiels. Their names are Ace and Lolita. Donna said, "I couldn't help but show off my two spectacularly beautiful birds, Ace and Lolita. Ace is the cinnamon gray cockatiel and Lolita is the pearl one on the left. We've had Ace for almost ten years. Lolita has been with us for only a year and a half. We originally got Lolita to keep Ace occupied because he was so in love with my husband. The poor guy couldn't leave the room without Ace crying. Sometimes Ace acts completely disinterested in Lolita and other times he courts her. Ace is somewhat of an old curmudgeon these days, as he only likes to be played with when he's good and ready. Lolita wants to be kissed all of the time. She will sit on top of the cage and bend her head down so you kiss her from her beak to the middle of her back. She is the most loving, affectionate bird I have ever had and I have had many. Ace talks up a storm, speaking in complete sentences like, "You're a beautiful bird," and "I love you." Lolita says "beautiful" and "I love you." With birds like these, what more can anybody ask for?"

It's easy to tell that Judy really loves her bird Loki by what she has to say about him. Judy said, "Had anyone told me a few months back how a few ounces of feathers could become such a controlling factor in my life I would have said  "Ya..right!". I had never owned or been owned by a cockatiel. For that matter, I didn't have any desire to enjoy birds other than the wild ones outside. Then along came Loki!! I honestly believe this bird could adapt to any one as long as he is center of attention. Sharing is out of the question. Every thing is his. He is an "In your face" type of bird, or in your coffee cup, or on your key board. He has been known to type and send email messages and  he gets back responses to his email as well.  I get back a " Hello Loki" . He does a pretty job of talking too. I think he is about two years old. His favorite trick is to slip up on the sleeping dog and get nose to beak, let out a whistle and say "Kiss me baby". Oh yes, he has captured my heart for sure. There is never a dull moment with Loki in the house."

Cucu, a male pied cockatiel, is Fernanda's pet. Fernanda said, "Cucu is my 2nd bird. My 1st bird B.B. died Jan. 12, 2004. Cucu has been through a lot for a bird that is only a year old. He had a hole in his leg. He escaped and got lost. We even moved from KY to NC all during one year. Cucu is the sweetest thing anyone could ever ask for. He loves everyone and is a big show-off!  He's a very good whistler and talker and is also a VERY curious bird as well. At Christmas we got a female cockatiel. We named her Cuca. The pair finally laid eggs and one of the babies hatched. So Cucu is a little grumpy and jealous now. It doesn't matter because he will always be my baby. "Ever since Cuca laid eggs Cucu would not talk. Yesterday this man came to fix our fridge & Cucu started whistling himself out! So far he has learned one song, his name, and some whistling tunes!"

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