The Bird of the Month for July is Gracie. Congratulations
Jenn and Gracie!! Here is what Gracie and Jenn told Mama Bird.

Gracie said: 
Hi Mama Bird. Thanks so much for picking me for your bird of the month! I am ten years old, and came to live with my Mum and Dad in June of 2002. Before that, I lived with a nice doctor lady and her husband, but they got a divorce and nobody had time for me any more. That's okay though, because my old owner lady didn't really know a lot about taking care of me. I was on an all PARAKEET seed diet for my whole life, and grit! My new parents didn't know much either, but they started to do a lot of research and have been working on teaching me to eat pellet and fresh foods. Sometimes I cooperate, other times I don't. It depends on my mood!

  My old person told Mum and Dad that I'm a Lutino Pearl, but Mum thinks I'm a Pearl Pied because somebody on a tiel message board said that I look more like that. I don't really care what my color scheme is. I know I'm gorgeous because Mum always tells me so and Dad is putty in my talons. My name used to be Pixie, but Mum and Dad have a kitty named Pixel and my human sister's nickname is Pixigirl. So Mum thought that was too many Pixes in one family. They decided to name me Gracie, after Gracie Allen, the comedienne.

Since I came to live here, Mum and Dad have gotten hooked on tiels! They went to the Humane Society a month ago and adopted a beautiful grey male, who they named George. I really liked George and flirted with him a lot. Poor George had been abused by his previous owner and he had more problems than our family could handle. He's gone to a foster home with a lady who rehabilitates abused birdies. I know he will be happier there. When my parents had to return George, the Humane Society offered them a different tiel, a silver whiteface. His name is Daniel, and he moved in just yesterday. He was given up by his owner because he was too affectionate. Can you believe that? I'm not a very affectionate birdy, myself. I like head rubs, but on MY terms, thank you very much.

Jenn said: 
Thank you so much for choosing our Gracie as the bird of the month. We love her so much and it's nice to see her being recognized for the exceptional critter she is. :) Gracie has really come a long way since she moved in with us. She has bonded with my husband and my eleven year old daughter.She isn't all that wild about me, but she will sit on my arm or hand if I promise to keep my fingers away from her head. I've learned to cook for tiels a bit, and Gracie likes my "Green bean carrot corn seed pellet zucchini egg and shell" special. She picks and chooses and eats more each day. She's also began to munch the greens we hang from her cage bars.

  Gracie doesn't have any interest in toys. When she arrived, she had a washcloth woven through the bars of her (ROUND!) cage and she loved to preen it and pull on the threads. That made me pretty nervous, so I removed it. I'm going to get her one of the short Booda perches with the dangly threads to see how she likes preening that. I've learned so very much about tiels. The truth is that if I had studied before I got my babies, I probably would have been scared off, because they really need so much more care than I thought they did. I'm glad that I didn't know anything, but that I learned fast enough to ensure my tiels' good health and happiness.

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